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Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (I'm so happy!)

ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

this makes me so happy

3 new puppets! oriental puppet, "indian puppet" and ninja ( I wonder if the "indian puppet" is the ninja)

but secretly the oriental puppet and indian puppet (in the chest) aren't new because they have a short cameo in the very first puppet master film from 1989

way to cater to the hardcore fans



  • BigdavoBigdavo BrisbanePosts: 1,862Member Uncommon

    Umm wtf did I just watch...

    O_o o_O

  • Rayx0rRayx0r melbourne, FLPosts: 2,902Member

    I love puppetmaster, and pretty much anything Charles Band does as well as stuart gorden or anything on fullmoon.  I have the puppetmaster entire collection, subspecies also.

    have you ever seen Gingerdead man: passion of the crust?  Theres another new movie out on fullmoon called Skullheads.  I'll probably pick that up when I order the new puppetmaster.  Ya I cant wait.. I love cheesey horror

    anyway check out Fullmoons website


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  • GazenthiaGazenthia -, VAPosts: 1,186Member
    Originally posted by Bigdavo

    Umm wtf did I just watch...


    That was a weak trailer, but Puppet Master is a horror movie staple. They are good movies if you are at all into gory and/or disturbing types of movies and there aren't very many copy cat movies that I can think of outside of one portion of, I think it's called "freak show" (another good one) with the souls of travelers sewn into dolls. Thanks OP for the heads up, I let my friend know about this and she was delighted to hear about it!

    I wish they did more of these types of horror movies honestly, there's a reason why they are considered classics. The slasher/ ghost in the TV thing has had its run. For now I find more disturbing plots inside WoW and even Coraline than I do with movies like Paranormal Activity or The Ring.

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