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Free xfer question. plz help i need to play!!

N3ptuneN3ptune New York, NYPosts: 31Member Uncommon

 So i just decided to come back to daoc bc of the server merging and new servers. I have a few questions regarding the Free Xfer if anyone can help me. I heard there is a quest to do so i can get some ML levels on the new servers before i do the free xfer, is this correct? if so what is it and how do i do it?.... also im from classic server so what do i have to do exactly to get the most outa a free Xfer to yawain server? plz help me i need to get on asap im withdrawing from lack of daoc.

Thanks                                                                      Nyt  the Nightshade from gareth server


  • SilverwatchSilverwatch ManchesterPosts: 232Member

    hey from what i know you do /freexfer then put Ywain1-10 and it moves your charcter to that server, log in and go to the king or w/e in ur capital city and there is someone by him who will give you a quest to swap your Classic gear for ToA gear n such.

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