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DarkSpace 1.521 Torrent Seeders Requested

DrafellDrafell Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 588Member

If you want to assist in distributing the latest version of DarkSpace, you can do your part by helping to host the DarkSpace Installer Torrent.

All you need is some torrent software, such as is available at, and then to download the latest DarkSpace executable at the following link:

If you are worried about this sucking up all of you bandwidth, you can restrict just how much the upload can use.

In uTorrent, simply right click on the file, select Bandwidth Allocation > Upload Limit > and select the desired limit. Depending on your connection I would recommend setting this to between 15kB/s and 30kB/s, as these values will generally not interfere with your gaming too much.

You can pretty much just leave this running in the background when you are using your computer and it will have a minimal impact on performance, although there are some tweaks you can try if you do experience issues.

Contact me via if you need any assistance.

Our Thanks.

- The Development Team

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