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Dungeon Fighter Online Hands-On Preview

benyanhuabenyanhua newyork, IAPosts: 13Member

For some time now we’ve been telling you about this new game from Nexon called Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO for short), a

game that takes you back to the glory days of gaming. When you only had two or three buttons if you were lucky and you faced

an onslaught of enemies with only manual dexterity between you and total destruction. Ok, let’s put the

melodrama aside for a moment and get serious. The folks that brought you great games like Combat Arms and Maple Story are

back with their most exciting game to date.

Dungeon Fighter Online puts you in the shoes of one of the baddest 2-D fighters ever to hit the net. With crisp, clean

graphics and really solid controls DFO plays like you would expect it to play, but I’m getting ahead of

myself. The folks over at Nexon could have just made a beat em’ up and thrown in some online play and called it a day.

Instead what they did was create an imaginative world that is beautifully rendered with amazing colors and depth. They offer

a bevy of playable characters that are fully customizable giving you even more variety. Each character type has a list of

unique abilities and attributes. The classes are Slayer, Fighter, Gunner, Mage and Priest and each one has

four sub class specializations.

While the game focuses primarily on side scrolling action, there are a lot of RPG elements as well. Players can look forward

to upgrading and leveling their character as they progress through the games countless dungeons and boss battles. To be

honest when I got a look at the game my first thought was, “Where have you been all my life?” the colors

and sprites were a sight to behold, the framerate was solid and the slowdown was minimal. To be honest it wouldn’t be a

fighter without a little slow down anyway, it just makes the action that much more intense.

Players will find themselves swept away to the land of Arad, which is a beautifully rendered world that will really draw you

in to the games internal story. As you progress through the game there are literally hundreds of NPC’s to

interact with and get items and or missions from. Missions vary in size and difficulty depending on what you feel like and

your level. It’s also possible to go it alone or tag along with a group for some four way smashing. With the amount of ways

you can vary your character it’s possible to go into battle with four Priests’s that all look uniquely different.


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