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La Tale - Thoughts from a P2P-Preferred Gamer

mightyikarimightyikari MacclesfieldPosts: 101Member

I have recently begun playing La Tale, simply because of my inquisitive nature about the graphics and how a 2D MMO could work.  I was expecting the game to be dull, lack substance, have no storyline and be full of childish behaviour or teenagers looking for cybersex.

How wrong I was.

I found myself smiling from the moment I fell into the world.  The Power-Ranger-esque tutorial characters, the well drawn and nicely animated avatars and backgrounds and the simple yet fun to experience battle system have all made this one of my favourite games to play when I have a spare half hour or so.

I won't lie, I enjoy Aion and will not stop playing it for La Tale, however La Tale is nice to keep installed and play every now and then.  It is turning into a daily habit though.

I also play Runes of Magic, another F2P game however it's offering to the MMO world is so close to what I'd expect from a P2P game that I feel La Tale is really achieving something special for a small F2P game.

I do hope La Tale gets more players, it certainly is a game that deserves some spotlight for the sheer 'smile' factor of it's offering. - Recycle Your Games and Consoles. Help the Environment and Charity!



  • bigdaddysfebigdaddysfe A town, CAPosts: 89Member

    Yeah I think that OGP the company behind Latale is pushing as hard as they could to make the game as good as they possibly can. If you have seen my other posts in this section I was very hard on OGP and for good reason. The staff was misguided, arrogant, and gave us little content with cash grabs everywhere. Since then, the old community manager was fired, a new one has been in place and the communication between OGP and the players is happening at a rapid pace. You can go into the game and actually whisper GM's and they will respond if they are able to. Player ideas are getting put in at a rate of 2-3 per patch. A ton of people who abused game money were banned, even though the population was very low and honestly they couldn't afford to lose that many players. That shows that OGP is more committed to trying to trying to make the game best. Now that OGP has lost Cabal, expect there to be even more attention given to Latale as it is undoubtedly their #1 game.


    Hope some people who really liked/like Maple Story but hated the community/crowds will check this one out.

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