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lookin for a game like tibia

DaregoDarego TallaghtPosts: 13Member

i was wondering if anyone has ever found any games like tibia? i'm trying to search for a game that was like old school tibia because the updates have ruined the game for me since i started playing in 2003. i generally played it because of its pvp but it's pve lvling/quest side was also nice, even though the game was so addictive it has been by far the best game i've played from its release until 2006, then it's downfall :p


i'm kinda looking for a game with a nice leveling system (the lvling through tibia was pve but the pvp aspect was even more fun once you got to a nice lvl), i enoyied tibia because there was great competition on every server to be the highest lvl with the best character skills etc

also the pvp was immense, knowning you could kill someone and make them loose some of their exp was a nice touch

lastly the community on every server was amazing. from any time there could be from 200 to 900 people on one server and because the numbers were so small it made the game even better

thanks in advance :D



  • PhitennaPhitenna BerlinPosts: 1Member

    I have the same problem... i played tibia since 2004. The best thing about tibia are the skills and the pvp world. i no other game i found something like this... in all other games it was important to get higer lvl.. in tibia a lvl 12 can kill a lvl 22 if he have enough skill... and you never know what skills do the other player have. thats why tibia is so addicting... you just never get bored.

    but the last time i played tibia i was very disappointed. its very hard to get skill an much easier and effectively to get lvl. so thats why i'm also looking for another game like the old tibia with a good skill system.

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