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In all honesty this game isnt that good.

dar_es_balatdar_es_balat Oakland, CAPosts: 438Member

I've never seen so many people duped into spending THOUSANDS of dollars EACH on a Free to Play game.

This entire product is driven by the cash shop.  So much so that unless you obtain CASH SHOP goods you dont get to expand your bag slot beyond 24 slots.   Whys this important?  Because the Monster Drops are worth nothing in value, and the only way to get even a pittance of survival gold for daily grinding is to do an event called Nations Treasury.

This requires 30 OPEN bag slots to finish.

So you should expect to at least have 40+ slots ready, to keep heal potions, stamina potions, and any miscellaneous loot.

You also need a way up to the Dweller in the Sky to get this quest.  So 1 of 2 other cash shop items are required:  A portal charm or a Skyblade.

At minimum this game will cost you $38 dollars to begin enjoying.

At maximum, well, lets just say I have personally spent a few hundred before deciding it was not worth it to continue.  I'll now be playing this game for free... or rather botting it and meditating.  Why do anything else?

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  • darkb457darkb457 Edmonton, ABPosts: 47Member Common

    Yeah, and beside the item shop, actual fights last what, two seconds how's anyone supposed to enjoy that?

    Hell, the skills are the only thing that can make that stretch into something you can actually notice.

  • GrimzayGrimzay LondonPosts: 214Member


    I see your logic and thanks in advance for saving me some cash I guess.

    But I still have that urge to try it o.O


    "We got rid of the trinity." How'd you do that? "Now everyone can heal." Sounds like you just took the mechanic and spread it thin. "Well no, there's one class that can do it better than others." I see, so they're healers. "No. They're.." -mind asplode-

  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDPosts: 3,260Member Uncommon

    I have a 41 and 36 character.  I haven't spent a dime on the game yet.  The thought has crossed my mind.  As I would like more bag space, but it's not like it's a necessity for day to day grinding.  Even less so with the new Treasure Boxes that come with new character created.  I get all the healing items I could ever need from them.  Hell I have a bank full of heal items.

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  • GrimzayGrimzay LondonPosts: 214Member

    Ok, so I decided to try it anyway and I got to lvl 31 (Balo)......and I've encoutered 2 quests the want me to buy from the cash shop.

    In my opinion, It would be a pretty great game if they scrapped the OTT Repetitiveness and the pretty much *mandatory* cash shop item buying if you wanna finish a quest.

    In other words, they should just sell it and let somebody "refurbish" the game.

    Another issue, the game is way too easy AND YES, I AM ASSUMING IT WILL BE AS EASY IN THE FUTURE LEVELS...with a tiny increase in difficulty

    This explains why most of the high levels I've encountered:

    Can't speak English.

    Happen to be (from what they have worn, yes, I'm assuming again) what I call - "Cash Shop dwellers"

    Are like "lol men im too high  and inportent to speek to u"

    .....And are just plain out dumb.

    Now, I'm going to carry on playing for a while longer....meaning today will be my last day, or I'll play a few days more.

    So far I'm disappointed, especially since this game has alot of potential.

    Or should I say "had"?

    "We got rid of the trinity." How'd you do that? "Now everyone can heal." Sounds like you just took the mechanic and spread it thin. "Well no, there's one class that can do it better than others." I see, so they're healers. "No. They're.." -mind asplode-

  • fr33sty13fr33sty13 AucklandPosts: 1Member

    Well, I'm lvl 73/150(+135(ascension)) right now.

    To be honest, Its an average MMO. It has a nice botting feature so you're all sorted out if you just put that on while you sleep. During the day, there are quests other than the one you need 30 space for. I get 2 levels a day at least, without that quest. The community is average, but a lot of friendly people, and most clans are quite active. The good thing is that you can use IN-GAME gold to trade for Cash Shop money, where you can use it to buy Cash Shop stuff, although the price between the exchange is rather high. I think if you are someone looking for another mmorpg to play, this is definitely up there.


  • slipfeedslipfeed Harvard, ILPosts: 87Member Common

    They have changed the game so bag rows automaticly open up as you level.  You no longer purchase bag space.

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