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Post Trial Invites or Buddy Keys Here

HalpotHalpot CantabrigiaMember Posts: 204

Post Trial Invites and/or Buddy Keys in this thread. If you create a thread outside of this one it will be deleted and the user warned.



  • IbluerateIbluerate Mound, MNMember Posts: 256

    Oh I'd love to try this game.

    Buddy key plox?

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  • vladakovvladakov noneofurbusinessMember Posts: 710

     sorry, i replied in an old thread, but then again,

    if anyone would like to give away their champions online buddy key i'd be happy to try it out! :D


    regards, vlad


  • Legato89Legato89 chicago, ILMember Posts: 297

    I too would like a buddy key.

  • KeanueKeanue Bristol, TNMember Posts: 9 Uncommon

    Ive been waiting for a chance to give this game a try. a buddy key would be very much appricated.

  • glordglord palm bay, FLMember Posts: 338 Uncommon

     Roleplayer looking for a buddy key. I don't mind playing the game with whoever gives me a key. 


  • JelloGodJelloGod Dickson, TNMember Posts: 3

    I'd like a buddy key please.

    Thanks in advance.

  • xKezefxxKezefx StockholmMember Posts: 2

    I would really apreciate a buddy key, i've wanted to try this game for a long time.

  • VoderVoder Boston, MAMember Posts: 24

    If someone has an extra, i would love to give this game a try!!

  • DuviousDuvious Tulsa, OKMember Posts: 116

    give it a try this weekend, they are having a free weekend event

  • JelloGodJelloGod Dickson, TNMember Posts: 3

    I'm going to try what I can this weekend, but as it is Halloween I won't be home much. That's why I figured I'd try for a buddy key but I know my chances are slim. Ah well. 


  • vanquish_allvanquish_all Bradenton, FLMember Posts: 9

    I would appreciate it if anyone can send me a buddy key:


  • hanainuhanainu Lansing, MIMember Posts: 9 Uncommon


    If anyone could give me a buddy pass that would be great.

  • Syphun1Syphun1 Marion, ILMember Posts: 14 Uncommon

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone sent over a buddy key :) The free weekend didn't go over so well for me. Got everything up and ready to play by the time it was over :(

  • mbygonsmbygons haywards heathMember Posts: 38

    If anyone has a key i would really appreciate it

    Thanks in advance



  • JalkorJalkor Ft. Worth, TXMember Posts: 18 Uncommon

     I would to like to try this game please help me out my email is

  • teaan01teaan01 Woodbridge, VAMember Posts: 7

    I have been looking for a new game to play and I would greatly appreciate if someone sent a trial key!



  • MysticumMysticum Hillerød, AKMember Posts: 53


  • HeafstaggHeafstagg Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 172 Uncommon

    Hello there, I'd love to be able to give this game a chance. My email is A buddy key sent my way would be greatly obliged. Thanks in advance.

  • Furion-czFurion-cz PragueMember Posts: 7

    I will be grateful if u give a buddy key. But it looks noone is getting it.

  • GrrlGrrl B-Town, CAMember Posts: 354 Uncommon

    I'd love one if there's extra :) Contact me via private message &&&& THANKS!

  • InqjeInqje MaastrichtMember Posts: 8

    I would love to try this, coz this looks exactly what I'm looking for. I hope anyone has a key.

    You may PM me or send me an email to

    - Moderation in all things, including moderation.

  • PunizherPunizher LONDONMember Posts: 3

    if any keys still around send me one, wanna check this game out before i make my mind.


    i am in Europe btw if that makes any diff when it comes to buddy keys.



  • fanat1kfanat1k LondonMember Posts: 67 Uncommon

    I would really appreciate a key, looks like an awesome game just need to try it out to solidify whether or not to buy this game buying the game ^^. Just send me a PM with it. Thanks in advance to anyone who sends me one ;).

  • otter3370otter3370 New Bern, NCMember Posts: 226 Uncommon

    Put me down for a buddy key, too, please.  8D

  • Juztinb42Juztinb42 St. James, NYMember Posts: 38

    I'd really appreciate a chance to try out this game.  I'm thinking of playing it but I don't really know yet, and probably won't know unless I play hands-on.  Thanks in advance.

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