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Aion: 8 Amusing Ways to Kill in PvP

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Aion Carrespondent Joshua Price writes this amusing list of interesting ways to kill another player in the game's PvP combat.

As a PvPvE game, you're going to encounter hostile players in Aion whether you like it or not in the long run. Naturally, as it goes for when that player meets you and cannot speak to you since each faction's text appears garbled to the other, he'll try to communicate to you in the next most effective manner: by hitting you. Of course, you could get angry and leave, that'd be rude to do when someone is trying to talk to you, so odds are that you will strike up a conversation and start hitting him in return. You two may even have a number of friends who are interested in the same topic and may want to join in. After all, aren't group discussions much more fun and insightful? Unfortunately, as it goes, people involved in the conversation may get tired of it and collapse to the ground in fatigue before disappearing. It's a shame, but if we spoke with each other forever, we'd never get anywhere. But, regardless, the talk between you and the other player will no doubt have been fun and you may go seeking new players of the opposing faction to talk to as well to see what they have to say. However, you might get tired of striking up the exact same conversation repeatedly. You can, however, avert it by steering it a different route.

Read 8 Amusing Ways to Kill in PvP.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • necklarenecklare Crawfordville, FLPosts: 3Member

    If you come to the realization you've been caught, and you know your going to die try and take the enemy with you. Jump off the ledge glide as far down as possible, if they get you, hopefully they won't have the flight time to reach safety and they will die as well. You won't get any Abyss points but the satisfaction it brings is hard to deny.

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