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Healer Class?

marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

 im new to fallen earth as of today i wanted to know if there was a healer class and how they are or a faction and how they are as a healer



  • -FN--FN- Bloomsburg, PAPosts: 65Member

    A player can heal themselves and others through:


    - Actions (things like Stanch Wound)

    - Science Gear (boosters, drugs, etc)

    - Mutations (Faction-based Willpower skills)


    I'm not sure which is stronger in the end, but if you wanted to be a Healer class, I'd look into the First Aid skills and learn more about Mutations.

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

     yeah i was thinking about light bearer and their mutations i kinda wanna be like a wow paladin ... armor and heals and i really dont care about what wep lol but i dont know how to go about doing that in this game

  • blakavarblakavar baltimore, MDPosts: 304Member

    Not a class but there are builds that will match what you might be looking for. A lot of folks swear by the combat medic/melee/crafter buid because the stats and skills tend to complement each other. I havent seen a group that has needed dedicated medics ie stand around buffing and healing like traditional cleric roles. Usually the medics are extremely active in the combat itself, but I'm only in my 20's it might change in the 30's or 40's.

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

     what faction follows roles like that what faction should i start as?

  • ChuckanarChuckanar johnson city, TNPosts: 210Member Uncommon

     I like the Lightbearers for the added buffs their mutations give. and yes they have some healing ones.

  • SlamboneSlambone Fayetteville, ARPosts: 71Member

    I'll swear by the combat medic/crafter part. The weapon can be melee, rifle or pistols. It doesn't matter much except that perception (needed for crafting) matches better with rifles or pistols.

    I've been doing some group healing lately so here's my insight.

    Staunch wound is the main heal. The better your first aid -> the better your bandages -> the more you heal.

    This effect has a limited range so you'll find yourself in the middle of the crowd at the front lines. Duck down for the ranged types in the back. This kinda goes for all those in the front row.

    The best reason to bring a healer type is the HOTS and SOTS.

    Picking up a restoration mutation gives you an extra HOT and maybe a additional heal.

    This game doesn't play like a traditional tank/heal/spank game. Group combat is more about maximizing the spank. I wouldn't go into it wanting to create a dedicated healer. Healing is more of a side effect of the crafter types and gives them more utility in groups.

    Good luck.

    Trevor Goodchild - Traveler - Crafing/Pistols
    Sapo Loco - Rifle/Melee

  • KhalathwyrKhalathwyr Denton, TXPosts: 3,138Member
    Originally posted by marks4902

     what faction follows roles like that what faction should i start as?

    The Lightbearers as Chuck mentioned are healing oriented. that said, you won't be starting as any faction. Faction picking doesn't happen until you get to Sector 2, which is usually around level 20, give or take a level or 2. Sure, you can try to shoot through levels to get there, but you'll be passing up quite a few AP points (and nothing is more important than AP in my opinion) by not doing all of those quests in S1. And that requires visiting almost every town.

    "Many nights, my friend... Many nights I've put a blade to your throat while you were sleeping. Glad I never killed you, Steve. You're alright..."

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  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

     well honestly im just looking to create a self sufficient character i really like complicated crafting and doing so while i level ... im just looking for a build where i can craft and level at the same time and still be beneficial to a group ... i do like rifles but im not sure what i wanna do yet i usually play healer /buffer roles in any mmo i play and usually farming for mats is a pain for them but i hear in this game anyone can do anything so im assuming i can have my cake and eat it too ... does anyone have any recommendations for me

    -self sufficient

    -good solo

    -useful in groups

    -healing abilitys

    -not really into ninja stuff or swords but big maces seem cool no dualweilding 

    -pistols are fine but id rather a long range hunting rifle

    .... also i heard that crossbows get faded out fairly quick ... and are there regular compound bows in game? would be kinda cool and im still not too sure how mutations work or the factions 

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

     also what is the most profitable tradeskill that u can take atm

  • SlamboneSlambone Fayetteville, ARPosts: 71Member

    There is a build calculator linked on

    Browse through the pre-defined builds there and you'll have a better idea of where to start.

    You can learn all the tradeskills. You're not limited to a few.

    Basing this game on what you've done in the past is a mistake IMO.

    Get in and try it out. It's different from the others.

    Trevor Goodchild - Traveler - Crafing/Pistols
    Sapo Loco - Rifle/Melee

  • LethalBurstLethalBurst Yonkers, NYPosts: 367Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by marks4902

     also what is the most profitable tradeskill that u can take atm


    Ballistics: make and sell ammo = $

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

    if i wanna go vista and be a sniper can i make ammo?

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