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Planet Offer and why most will not subscribe.

NiblixNiblix n00bvillePosts: 160Member

No communication.

Simple as that. No notification of when servers will go down (Server Status page), No forums, No updates. Last time the support page 'Hot Issuse' was updated was June 11th? Website goes down along with the servers too 90% of the time. Sure there are a few words on the launcher, but that is not very helpful.

It's a great game if you like city builders and the Planet mode offers a lot of players what was missing in other games. Shame that very few will actually take up subscriptions due to yet another developer releasing a game then clamming up. Oh, and 10 day trial of Planet Mode included in the purchase of the game? Make it 30 days since you have to register to play Solo Mode, and most will spend the first few days on Solo Mode to learn the game.

They only closed the official forums to stop the negative publicity...... very clever or a sign of bad things to come.

Be paid for Beta Testing, don't pay to Beta Test.



  • liberalguyliberalguy Portland, ORPosts: 118Member
    Originally posted by Niblix

    the Planet mode offers a lot of players what was missing in other games.


    Can you expand on this a little? From what I've seen the only thing it offers is trading resources with other players (instead of having a system of region play like SC4 did). You can't cooperatively build a city with another player, you can't join cities together to form a nation. It seems like the PO is just a way for Monte Cristo to milk people for money every month by taking parts of the core game out of single player and moving them to planet play.

    If I'm missing some amazing features in PO I'd love to know about it.

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