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General: The List: Top 5 MMOs That Need Remakes

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

At 12 years of age, the MMO genre can now safely dive into the vaults and start remaking the games that got us all hooked. This week, we count down the five games we think are sorely in need of a re-imagining.

The List

Along the way, hundreds of games have come and gone, but the sequel (as we explored last week) has always been frowned upon. No one wants to mow through their own audience like an escaped circus cannibal.

But make no mistake. MMO years are not like human years. A 12 year old game is collecting social security checks. So what happens when a game that was once glorious no longer has an audience to cannibalize? Do you make a sequel? Do you update the graphics? Or, do you just let it die?
Here at, we vote remakes. It’s time for a modern, fully featured reimagining of the games that got us all started.

Read it all here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios



  • VinterkrigVinterkrig BOSTON, MAPosts: 1,671Member Uncommon

    i agree with all except City of Heros... no thanks

    you need daoc in there too

    AC was pretty much "remade" and it failed


    honestly, sometimes things are better left alone, and most of these mmos would never fly in the new markets without being noobified which means they'd suck

  • DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member
    Originally posted by Vinterkrig

    i agree with all except City of Heros... no thanks
    you need daoc in there too
    AC was pretty much "remade" and it failed
    honestly, sometimes things are better left alone, and most of these mmos would never fly in the new markets without being noobified which means they'd suck


    It helps if you read the list before trashing it ;)

    DAoC is #2 and AC2 is addressed.

    Dana Massey
    Formerly of
    Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios

  • SgtFrogSgtFrog LondonPosts: 5,001Member

    I thought AO was getting a Graphics update sometime in the future...they were going to use AOC engine

    I’m not surprised to see UO as number 1

    March on! - Lets Invade Pekopon

  • Darkor_hXcDarkor_hXc BogotaPosts: 209Member Uncommon

    What about Warhammer Online??


  • bobidobibobidobi LondonPosts: 4Member

    UO truly deserves the number 1 spot, I am sure there are some secret plans inside EA about that game.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    Well, you put AC in there but there was AC2.....if you put them in might as well put in EQ as it has EQ2...and Vanguard to an extent.


    Hmm, Champions Online is somewhat of a CoX part duece.....but under a different publisher but still the same original developers, Cryptic.


    Personally, I want to see a new EQ so I can make a Beastlord!!!  I also want to see a SWG pre-CU.....that would be the bomb!

    They could remake SWG and just update the graphics, fix the bugs and game ready for launch.


    There is no game out now that has really captivated me.....if there was I wouldn't be posting nonstop on this forum.

    I have two Aion accounts but just cant seem to log in.....I have CO as well but again, just cant seem to log in.  I am actually thinking of reopening EQ2.


    I really hope SOE does another EQ type game but I am sure it will be for the console and for the WOW crowd, which means simple, easy and single scope in concept.

  • SgtFrogSgtFrog LondonPosts: 5,001Member
    Originally posted by Darkor_hXc

    What about Warhammer Online??


    ....remake a game from 2008...

    March on! - Lets Invade Pekopon

  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVPosts: 2,366Member Uncommon

    I also enjoy hockey.

    Some good stuff on there, except for CoHs really.

  • ArtarylArtaryl Guelph, ONPosts: 66Member

    I'm surprised, I would have actually though that Shadowbane would be in here as well. With the proper technology, that game would have rocked the PvP market. It had great potential for both the system and the graphics but at least the graphics would need a rework and better servers so city siege could go smoother and be much more enjoyable.

    I would like to disagree on City of Heroes, I don't think a revamp would help it more. The game has already got a sequel that remained in the same style and I think NCSoft can push updates to keep the game going and change it.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Quebec, QCPosts: 2,316Member

    In my book :


    #1 - UO

    #2- Asheron's Call

    #3 - Anarchy Online

    #4 - DAOC

    #5 - ???  COH dont belong there.

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

     Would love a DAoC remake as I think it would be epic. The rest I could care less about really although UO would be solid as well. 

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    I think a redone Anarchy Online would be a big hit.


    Also, DAoC would do well too....three factions, that would definitely work well.  I only played that game for a short while but it was nice when I did.


    Shadowbane, the guy who got me to play CoH used to preach about SB all the time....that was his favorite.  I did buy it and log in but that was about it........However, the PvP was well done, from what I heard, wasnt just killing ppl.

  • I think you missed swg (or at least a remake of the concept), but the list was fun to read.  Good article.

  • EricDanieEricDanie Rio de JaneiroPosts: 2,238Member

     An UO remake... I completely agree on your #1.

    How the hell no one has copied it, and how the hell EA hasn't decently remade it (sure, there were several attempts, all canceled before release) baffles me. It's like they don't want the MMO genre to stray away from the Themepark and to go back to Sandbox, because that's what a decent UO remake would cause to the MMO genre.

  • battleaxebattleaxe Baton Rouge, LAPosts: 158Member Uncommon

    One of the cool things about SciFi is guns - plasma, laser, phaser, lightning, BFG, etc.  The crappy thing about every SciFi MMO is guns.  The problem is that when I whip out a laser pistol and shoot a parrot, I expect to create instant fried chicken, a puff of feathers, or a puff of smoke.  Instead, SciFi MMOs make you pewpew the frakkin bird from across the map until it's next to you poking your eyes out before you get it to corpse status. 

    Planetside had a similar expectation problem.  If I stick a chain gun into your bellybutton and pull the trigger I really don't think I'm going to miss over your shoulder, but that was how the Planetside chain gun worked.  What moronic creatures would create such a useless weapon, much less actually try to use it in combat?  A brick would be more effective.

    The gun problem just blows chunks and basically pushes me to skip SciFi MMOs.

  • BlurrBlurr Thornhill, ONPosts: 2,155Member Uncommon

    Honestly I don't think any of these games need remakes.  We like to wax nostalgic about the games of yester-year and remember how good they were, but really they were only good then because that's when and how they happened.

    Remakes would end up being great for a little while, but they would be too changed from the original (because of technical or gameplay improvements made over the years) to hold the former players for long. You might get new players, but there would have to be enough throwback to the old game that it might intimidate new players.

    Plus some of these games already have remakes in the form of sequels. It would be hard not to argue that Champions is a remake/sequel of CoH.

    If anything, I'd say we need to remake games that had potential but failed. Remake Vanguard, which had so much cool stuff but a dev team that was more interested in sniffing crank than following through. Remake Asheron's Call 2 which did a lot of new and interesting things (I mean come on, I could throw bees at people ) but never really seemed to catch on. Remake Auto Assault which brought new and cool ideas into the genre, but again had a dev team that couldn't pull it off. Remake Planetside, which had plenty of potential with the idea of battle for territory and epic wars but failed to hold attention for long. Heck remake World War 2 Online but switch it to modern day a la CoD4. CoD4 as an MMO? Hell yeah!

    "Because it's easier to nitpick something than to be constructive." -roach5000

  • RespitRespit DFW, TXPosts: 770Member

    I will have to stand behind you on UO in the #1 spot.


    Another EA blunder I would like to see remade and that is Earth & Beyond. I was just getting into the game when EA hit it with the Out-of-NoWhere-Axe-of-Banishment for OVER 9000!!!


    Heck and to a lesser degree, Motor City Online.

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  • imortalisimortalis Dorchester, MAPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    forget CoH & put Shadowbane in there. That's a game that worth redoing big time. How come none of these guys ever mention it?!

  • kavlikavli PitePosts: 82Member

    Star Wars Galaxies need to be remaked! Why not a rollback to pre-cu and apdate the graphics lawl


  • OyjordOyjord Riverside, CAPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    I TOTALLY agree with UO, AO, and DAoC.  There are, arguably, the best MMOs of their time, but in serious need of updating.  I'd resub to any of the three should they get revamped.

    PS:  For the love of all things holy, breaking this tiny blog entry down into 3 pages just to get more hits/ad revenue is a slimy tactic.  There was enough content for ONE page, not three.  Please don't be slimy.

  • n2soonersn2sooners Moore, OKPosts: 926Member Uncommon

    I'd put DAoC first. If they do ever remake it they will likely screw it up, but I would like to see them give it a shot. I would like to see fewer over powered abilities and gear, less tedious crafting, and more focus on RvR instead of 8v8.

    I would also have SWG on the list. I was never a Star Wars junkie or anything, but that was my favorite game to just hang out and do nothing but listen to music in the cantina, decorate my house, go shopping for good deals on gear, or just play with my pets.

    image image

  • chriswsmchriswsm Weston-super-MarePosts: 389Member Uncommon

    If they remade and re-modernised UO from the ground up . . . . it would never feel as good as the original did back in its day.

    I would still give it a shot tho purely for the sake of it.

    I say that not only as Chriswsm but as Lysandar Threat of Trinsic.

    I used to visit this site a lot however in recent years it has become the home of negative forum posts, illogical opinions and tantrums so I visit less often.

    Played or Beta'd: UO / DAOC / Horizons / EQ2 / DDO / EVE / Archlord / PirateKingsOnline / Tabula Rasa / LOTRO / AOC / Champions / Darkfall / Mortal Online / DCUO / Rift / STO / SWTOR / TSW

  • MeltdownMeltdown Home, NHPosts: 1,179Member Uncommon

    Needs more EQ and Shadowbane

    "They essentially want to say 'Correlation proves Causation' when it's just not true." - Sovrath

  • moozaadmoozaad leicesterPosts: 15Member

    In no particular order


    Auto assault (good game but launch shadowed by WoW iirc)


    EvE online (maybe something realtime and physics based this time around?)


  • DarkholmeDarkholme Posts: 1,208Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Respit

    I will have to stand behind you on UO in the #1 spot. 
    Another EA blunder I would like to see remade and that is Earth & Beyond. I was just getting into the game when EA hit it with the Out-of-NoWhere-Axe-of-Banishment for OVER 9000!!! 
    Heck and to a lesser degree, Motor City Online.

    That is pretty much what I was going to say. Want to know why UO has never been properly remade? two little letters... E.A.

    I also second the vote for Earth & Beyond. Although the genre is being flooded a bit, back then it was one of few games to delve into outer space. If someone took the IP and developed it the way it should have been from the beginning, I would go back to it without a seconds thought...

    I also fully agree with AO, and no I don't think the engine upgrade is going to be enough. Though I am really not sure that they are willing to pump more into it what with AoC out and TSW in development now.

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