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Dofus: Guide: Miner Tips and Etiquette

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

The life of a miner is explored by Dofus correspondent Cindy George in this guide.

Neurotic Dofus player rejoice, there is hope for you yet. I have discovered a profession completely geared towards players who have a deep seated root of repetitive behavior, and it is a desirable profession. Mining. Yes you read right. Mining.

Think being in a dark cave picking at rocks sounds like a bore? Well far be it from the truth. I have found mining to be rewarding and extremely profitable.

Read it all here.

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  • VillikeVillike Lowell, MAPosts: 3Member

    I tend to ignore the newsletter but I was bored and glanced through it briefly. I play Dofus, so this article caught my eye. I have access to a level 100 miner and have used her in the past a bit.

    You can't "barter" for items from npcs. The closest you can get is selling like 100kk worth of stuff for 150 kamas, then buying it for that price.

    The pet that increases your max pods is called a Bworky. You don't make $xx kamas, you just make kamas.

    It doesn't matter how low you sell things for in the markets. They will sell quickly and be back to normal price within hours anyway. Usually if you've mined enough then you will come to hate most other miners too. The crackrock monsters are called resource protectors.

    It should also be mentioned that mining is great for leveling smith-related professions. Most of them require large amounts of metal, often only metal.

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