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Dragon Oath: Getting to Know Dragon Oath

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common's Garrett Fuller had the chance recently to ask a few questions of Dragon Oath General Manager Martin Tan about the game and what players might expect from it.

Dragon Oath has a great social aspect to the game. Can you start by telling us about some of the features players can explore on a social level?
Martin Tan:
Dragon Oath is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that encourages players to socialize and work with each other. One of the many ways that players can keep in touch with each other is through the player journal. Each player can keep journal entries on their character so that other players can keep tabs on what they have been up to in the world. Another great feature is the ability to become "kin" with other players once a strong enough bond is built. Being kin with fellow players will provide an experience bonus when playing and leveling together. These are just two main features that Dragon Oath has which promote sociability and working together.
Another aspect that increases the social interactions in Dragon Oath is its quests. There are over 410 storyline quests and many of these quests are not easy to be finished by one player. Many monsters are stronger than those of other MMORPGs that players are need to team up in order to explore deep inside of each maps to finish quests.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • battleaxebattleaxe Baton Rouge, LAPosts: 158Member Uncommon

    Game sounds interesting and looks great visually.  I'd prefer some non-human classes, but that's just me.

    However, I'm leery of installing software from a Chinese company.  It's bad enough with the companies we know - Japanese Sony throwing rootkits on their CDs or Blizzard's pervasive anti-hacking software.  NCsoft took a step in the right direction by removing GameGuard.

  • roadkill3777roadkill3777 Plymouth, MNPosts: 4Member

     I downloaded Dragon Oath and started playing the beta. I did not like the graphics at all, or the player perspective. So that was that. Lol.

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