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Can you change your look?

natuxatunatuxatu Denver, COPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

Can you change your look after you've created your character? like at a barber shop or something like that?/ Thanks!



  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLPosts: 3,154Member Uncommon

    Yes. There are appearance and cosmetics NPCs in the first major town you reach.



  • natuxatunatuxatu Denver, COPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    But you need a Plastic Surgery Ticket.. which no one seems to know how to get....


  • JabasJabas Caldas da RainhaPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon


    "The Gender Switch and Appearance NPCs are available in game,however, the ability to purchase the tickets used at these vendors is not yetavailable. Please keep an eye on the Aion home page for any information regarding the furtherimplementation of these NPCs."


    From AionOnline


    Edit: If i were u, wanna change the look, just re-roll while u are in low lvl. We dont know how to get this tickets, imagine its a payed service? (like changing name on WoW, server transfer, etc, just a  exemple).

  • natuxatunatuxatu Denver, COPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    yeah... I just don't know if I want to have to do everything all over again.. but maybe I will..


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