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What about Europeans and payment?

impiroimpiro onbekendPosts: 204Member

I do not have a creditcard neither do i know any1 who has a creditcard. Do i need a CC to activate my 30 free days?

 Reasons for me being worried is that it seems you either need a CC card or Time card to activate your free 30 days and headstart ends in aprox 8 hours....

Another problem, ncsoft timecards.....they dont seem to be available in any of my local shops and so far i could only find them on American E-stores, and you have to pay for them by CC >.>.

Does this simply mean that Europeans without a CC can not play the game, yet? Kinda funny since most Europeans do not have a CC.


  • xersentxersent StevenagePosts: 613Member

    Yes i belive you will need a CC or a Debit Card


  • apollo99apollo99 WarringtonPosts: 55Member

    I've heard that there is a Paypal option. Is this true? And would I be able to activate my account if I used Paypal?

  • ukiiukii mestoPosts: 28Member

     could anyone that actually bought it tell us?

  • Zandora2018Zandora2018 Edmonton, ABPosts: 240Member

    I have the game and used a 60 day game card works just fine. And yes you can use pay=pal if you have it set up. You DO NOT neeed a CC to play the game. Pay-pal or a game card work just fine. On my account even says active til Dec. 22 so 30 free days + 60 paid in 90 days. Hence the Dec. 22.

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  • DevilXaphanDevilXaphan n/a, LAPosts: 1,144Member Uncommon

    Correct their is a Pay-Pal option too.

  • ukiiukii mestoPosts: 28Member

     Can i buy the CE of the game and play it using the 30 days free without paying?

  • DevilXaphanDevilXaphan n/a, LAPosts: 1,144Member Uncommon

    Yes but you still have to put info for a CC or paypal.

  • impiroimpiro onbekendPosts: 204Member

    Can i use a digital CC?

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