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Torchlight: Alchemist Class Trailer

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,163Administrator Rare

This latest trailer introduces us to the Alchemist class. The Alchemist embarks on his adventure to Torchlight after hearing of the town's large concentration of Ember, which he uses to fuel his magical art. Functionally, the Alchemist is a ranged attack class that makes heavy use of pets.

Watch the trailer here.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • majimaji ColognePosts: 2,064Member Uncommon

    Nice. ^^

    Currently the games I'm looking for are:

    #1: Torchlight

    #2: Supreme Commander 2

    #3: uhm.... hmm... actually that was it I guess. Mortal Online might be ineresting too, but I started to become kinda mistrusting when I judge what the devs say about their upcoming projects :)

    Torchlight looks very nice with it's comic style graphics. The models and monsters look creative too. It got all kinds of interesting stuff like fishing, pets, editors to create your own content, you can retire stronger characters to boost new ones and whatnot. Unless it get's really horrible reviews I'll buy this thing. A pity it still takes a while until it's released.


    I like these hack&slay games in general, still playing Titan Quest every now and then. :)

    Let's play Fallen Earth (blind, 300 episodes)

    Let's play Guild Wars 2 (blind, 45 episodes)

  • SenadinaSenadina San Diego, CAPosts: 896Member Uncommon

    Looks like the offspring of Diablo and Dungeon Runners.

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