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Anyone here play NeoTokyo?

TrykenTryken Ultima Online CorrespondentOrlando, FLPosts: 63Member

Hey, just wondering if anyone here plays the Half Life 2 mod NeoTokyo. I play as "Tryken," (same name as this one) on the game. It's a free source engine mod (so you can own any source game and it counts, or just download the source sdk for free). Pretty awesome stuff.


It's basically like playing a tactical shooter in the Ghost in the Shell universe. If you don't play, check it out! .


See you guys in the messed up Japanese future!

- Tryken


  • Jester47Jester47 Houston, TXPosts: 90Member

    I  play on the CVG server. My name is Jackal. I don't really play it too much any more. I was an addict playing every day, but I think I'll only hop on from time to time until some more updates land. Especially with the leaning exploit.

  • outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon

    Never even heard of it before this post.  I am downloading it now.  Graphics are really nice.  Found this on Youtube.

    Looks like Counterstrike on Steroids...LOL


  • reimarureimaru QCPosts: 228Member

    ya looks like counterstrike but in tokyo XD


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