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Free Starter Kit

LtJohnnyRicoLtJohnnyRico New York, NYPosts: 214Member

Ok, so, I subscribe to Beckett MOG Magazine and it comes with all sorts of freebies each week. This week, one of the freebies is a Dragonica Online Starter Kit that includes:


5x Phoenix Feather

15x Soul

5x Weak Health Potion

5x Weak Mana Potion


First one to reply (that means don't PM me!) to this thread will receive the code for the items in their PMs.



  • omegasigma52omegasigma52 Beverly Hills, CAPosts: 1Member

    oo can i have please? i love dragonica!

  • blackhawk432blackhawk432 Posts: 138Member Uncommon

    Grats on the giveaway everyone. I just finished playing the game ( played for three days lvl 26 hunter). But before anyone downloads the game and such to get free stuff.... nvm lol


    Good luck all!

  • LtJohnnyRicoLtJohnnyRico New York, NYPosts: 214Member

    Omega wins. I'll send you a PM when I get home from work. (Currently don't have the magazine with me.)

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