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Aion is going craaaaaazy, seriously

impiroimpiro onbekendPosts: 204Member

Ok so here's the deal: My aion client is seriously out of his mind!

First try:

Installed Aion, updated it, appeared to be the NA version. Tried logging in, but since my account is European this didn't work. So I just removed it but didnt remove the NCsoft launcher ofcourse.

Second try:

Then during installation I found out on some forum that you could actually play with a european account on the NA client if you just set the launcher to European and then started the client. So as I was already pissed at my self for being a retard, something weird happened during the update proces of my new client. Suddenly, out of nowhere, while running the launcher, the launcher uninstalled itself. Seriously, the program's folder was gone aswell.

So I reinstalled the launcher by running the install.exe and chooe for the option of installing and it installed the launcher. The launcher updated itself and then I set it to European. Then I updated the Aion client and....again it was NA version. But since this shouldn't be a problem I just let it be and update.

The result: I launched Aion, finally!!!!, and...... my Aion client is completely in Korean....(i guess its Korean because when i clicked some random button it refered me to a korean website)

Tried messing with the language options in the launcher and exit and run the launcher again but it keeps being Korean! It even sais its North American in the freakin launcher....

Anybody knows how to fix this? It was funny for a few minutes but now id rather just be able to run the client in english...


  • redrum666erredrum666er NewIberia, LAPosts: 168Member

    I think you downloaded the NA client instead of the EU client.

    Here is a thread on Aionsource maybe you can solve your problem there.




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