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Dragon Oath: Closed Beta Key Handout!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMAdministrator Posts: 5,182 Uncommon and (US) Inc. have teamed up to giveaway Dragon Oath Closed Beta keys! Throughout 30 days of Closed Beta period, all participants will experience the reason why Dragon Oath has over 800,000 concurrent users with 30 million active players in Asia!


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  • yugoyugo AalborgMember Posts: 12

     Seems like us from EU cant join this one, might be a good idea to inclued that in the post

  • LongsnoutLongsnout BerlinMember Posts: 116

    It is North America only. IP bann on European IPs.


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  • patryk79patryk79 WarszawaMember Posts: 2

    discrimination , thats all  i can say about blocking IPs

  • streeastreea Dallas, TXMember Posts: 654 Uncommon
    Originally posted by patryk79

    discrimination , thats all  i can say about blocking IPs


    Actually, it's these little things called international laws and the fact that companies generally don't own world-wide rights to a lot of the games they produce or release.

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  • patryk79patryk79 WarszawaMember Posts: 2


    China Mainland




    Hong Kong China

    Taiwan China



    those regions are blocked

     can u explain it to me what europe got to do with all those other ?

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