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"Force Of Arms" Alpha Testing

MechFan09MechFan09 albany, KYPosts: 7Member

i've seen some awsome screens and great videos, so when does Alpha testing start?


or are you already accepting them add me PLZ, PLZ, PLZ.



  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    Thanks for the interests.  We're getting a demonstrator ready, but it won't be at the Alpha Testing stage.  Just more of a walk-a-round tour type of thing.

    Sign off,

  • Crunchy221Crunchy221 Trollsberg, ILPosts: 489Member


    so hows the testing going?

  • MMOarQQMMOarQQ BoogalululuPosts: 636Member

    I'm guessing someone got sued.

  • BigRock411BigRock411 Barrington, ILPosts: 299Member

    Strange i seem to be randomly selecting games that are dead or vaporware today.

    Checked out the website, last developer blog is in 2010.

    last forum post was about getting the rights to use the hero engine back in 2011.  

    Since they are using the hero engine, and if the game really does exist can we expect the horrid pvp performance we all saw and loved in SWTOR's ilum tragedy?


    Seems like if this game was legit we would see something updated...since they got the rights to use that engine ect...right?


    Oh funny story, for some reason the very game engine they were using, or planning to use, popped up as a banner ad here, so i clicked it...."get the hero cloud engine now $99 a year!" i guess if it is vaporware they only lost $99 ont he engine.  Not bad imo.


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