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Nether Core Inc - A Roleplay Supergroup

Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

Hello there fellow champions! It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the opening of Nether Core Inc's doors for willing heroes and heroines alike! For those of you already in the head-start, I bid you hello and hope that you'll take the time to read this recruitment notice!

Founded by Darian 'Dread Feign' McCleod, a cunning vampire mogul, Nether Core Inc seeks to fight the injustices of darkness through the willing hands of likeminded individuals. Unlike other supergroups, we take to the darker nature of things, basking in the shadows of this world and doing the deeds nobody else ever would or could. We are the glowing eyes in the alley that burn into your soul. We are the shadowy figures you see from the corner of your eye. You do not find us, we find you.

We are not unlike mercenaries for hire, though sometimes we offer our services free of charge. One thing is clear above all else, though. We will accomplish any goal set in front of us with any means necessary. No job is too tough or too disgraceful. We will slaughter the evils of the world and lick the blood from our fingertips. Money talks, so let us talk with yours...


To sum it up. We are a RP supergroup with a PVE focus. We will take part in the many challenges that Champions has to offer in the way of PVE but will also take part in PVP if people wish it. At this time we are only accepting mature members above the age of 18 and will be reviewing any suspicious members who act too immature for our liking...

As the leader, I will personally oversee recruitment and make sure any and all new recruits get the help and info they need. New to roleplaying? I plan to have roleplay Q&A sessions with weary members.

I am working on getting a website and a ventrilo server up and running for easier access but for the time being you can send a message to Dread Feign@DreadFeign in-game or leave an in-game mail. Alternatively you can toss me a message here on the forums and I'll get back to you ASAP (when I am not playing).

Thanks for your time!


  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAPosts: 1,681Member

    Hmmmm interesting, I wont be in world till tuesday since i didnt get around to preordering but I may check in on this little enterprise of yours, or I may well end up being your opponent as a villain (muahahahahahahaha - evil cackling laughter) either way Im very certain we shall meet at some point.

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    Sounds good to me, either way. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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