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GW2 (Charr) Firearms

Tr0nc3kTr0nc3k MBPosts: 30Member

So we've seen a couple of Charr concept art with firearms, flamethrowers and even bazookas (or Charrzookas) and recently the official FAQ was updated with this question:

It looks like the charr have guns in the Guild Wars 2 trailer. Will there be firearms in Guild Wars 2?

Since Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years in the future from Guild Wars, we wanted to introduce new technology to Tyria. From the mystical tech of the asura to the industrial war machines of the charr, Guild Wars 2 unmistakably takes place in a different era than the original game, and the weaponry and machinery reflect that. Firearms will definitely be part of the equation — but with a unique twist.



So, what's the general consensus on firearms and rocket launchers in MMORPG's? :)


  • natuxatunatuxatu Denver, COPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    I like it.

    1) What difference does it make it you're getting blasted with fire from a flamethrower or a fire elementalist.

    2) I'm sure they will be balanced because why wouldn't they?

    3) It makes sense that the Charr would develop weapons as they are very military like.

    4) Asura also have technology of their own.

    5) It gives them a more unique style of lore/gameplay.

    6) The main complaint I hear is that guns aren't fantasy which is the most rediculous thing. Just think of Warcraft or Final Fantasy. In Guild Wars, like I said, I think it fits and makes sense.

    I'll leave it at that for now :) 


  • devilisciousdeviliscious Posts: 4,359Member Uncommon

    I think this concept is great! I agree  that it does not make a difference if someone is throwing flames with magic or a flame thrower, if it fits in the game, it should be implemented.

    I really think that the implementation  of these weapons will also help with class balance, now if each class has its own version of  distance attacks that are comparable, it makes for a more balanced game.

  • jameslmjameslm southend-on-seaPosts: 4Member

    I dont see any problem with adding firearm's into this game.

    I always found that guild wars was very well balanced, i can't see why this would be any different. Im sure it will have a good plot behind it.

  • PokemonTrainerRedPokemonTrainerRed BrightonPosts: 373Member Uncommon

    I think a good way to explain it is to take the old Ranger and Paragon classes.

    They are quintessinatally the same in the way they deal damage. They throw things at other things.

    They do it in different ways. I'm sure it will be along those lines.


  • Taskumatti91Taskumatti91 SomewherePosts: 12Member

    And when you actually think about weapons, they aren't too complicated machinery, the charr guns we've seen so far are pretty simple. (Flamethrower and bazooka can be explained with magic easily) The couple rifle like weapons seem to be shotgun / flintlock like weapons, which aren't exactly high-tec stuff. :)

  • AI724AI724 Lansdale, PAPosts: 221Member Uncommon

    Charrs are already using Rambo-like bow and arrows that explode on impact in GW1 (at least that how i see it ^_^).  I'd luv to be a Charr Sentry manning a gattling machine gun on top of a castle wall blasting away human attackers :p    .  Great idea thank you Arenanet!


  • illyanaillyana quezon cityPosts: 614Member Uncommon

    charr already had tanks in EOTN in the form of the siege devourers
    and GW was never a high fantasy Tolkien lore type of thing
    so im all for bazooka-wielding asura

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

  • TetsunamiTetsunami barbourville, KYPosts: 20Member

    The idea of firearms in high fantasy games is not the greatest of ideas but I believe that ANet can pull it off with lore and technology well explained better than most... instead of oh look we invented gun powder and lets blow crap up.

  • GodliestGodliest StockholmPosts: 3,486Member

    Originally posted by Halo-Bump
    I think a good way to explain it is to take the old Ranger and Paragon classes.
    They are quintessinatally the same in the way they deal damage. They throw things at other things.
    They do it in different ways. I'm sure it will be along those lines.

    Slightly off-topic but still: Rangers and Paragons were extremely different. The Ranger class spreads poison, interrupts and carries a lot of utility making it a good character for pressure and splitting/self-survivability, the Paragon on the other hand is party support character without any form of utility at all almost and with some spear-chucking thrown in because it's a hybrid. Additionally both classes are very rarely used for their damage output, sure Rangers can provide some decent pressure but that's only because poison on 4 people constantly does some damage over a long time and not because the damage from the arrows is good and Paragons damage output is at best mediocre. Therefore it may be so that they make this the new Ranger class, but then it's probably not going to resemble the Ranger class we saw in GW, not if it's focus is damage.



  • tro44_1tro44_1 washington, DCPosts: 1,819Member

    I Wonder if the Gunner and Ranger are the same class but with different Racial names


    Just reading the reasons on those who oppose firearms in Guild Wars 2 is ridiculous. 


  • DookzDookz ManilaPosts: 554Member Uncommon

    I am not going to play a Carr as a main but I would like to see some form of firearms for the Charrs. Maybe if they use a catchy Charr-ish name instead of flamerthrowers it woulld fit nicely into the lore. It looks guildwars enough for me.

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  • 1niceone11niceone1 sydneyPosts: 29Member

    So far, from what we've seen, every firearm has been made up of elements, so don't expect the super high powered, long range sniper rifles of COD or anything, for all those haters out there saying this will ruin the game. Also the rocket launcher looking weapon looks as if it is his arm...perhaps they actually mean FIRE-ARM... Just a thought. The charr are looking pretty badass, didn't like the model too much in the trailer, wasn't nearly as warlike and pureawesom that the concept art is showing other than that looking good.

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