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This game just looks like Counter Strike...

yclukycluk SomeWhere, ALPosts: 34Member

Any other opinions ?



  • ErstokErstok LOL wut, NYPosts: 523Member

    Most f2p shooters are based off CS. Though there even buggier and don't have pretty cool mods like Zombies. Garry's mod sucks before anyone says a thing about it.

    When did you start playing "old school" MMO's. World Of Warcraft?

  • MoregrimMoregrim Franklin, TNPosts: 25Member

    This game is really weak. Compared to many of the other free FPS it just falls short. The sound is bad, the aiming feels retarded, jumping is silly. 'eh I really really didn't like it.


    Warrock, Soldier Front, Gunz, Combat Arms. All much better F2PFPS.



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