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Play Online Viewer Poll

zaylinzaylin Olympia, WAPosts: 794Member Uncommon

Just a fun poll


Edit: >.< my putter spazed out, if yall were wondering why there are 2 oks (think of the it  was was alright) in the poll :P. cant delete {face plants keyboard}


  • RajenRajen Atlanta, GAPosts: 689Member

     Eh, playonline viewer was just a waste of space to be honest, glad they aren't going to be using it for FFXIV.

  • EkibiogamiEkibiogami Clear Lake, TXPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    I loved the Idea of it... The builds I used were a waste of time tho.

    There needed to be a reason to it. there just wasent.

    And what ever Idiot Developer that said, it wont be a problem to have the Macros Stored on the clients computer and they wont need a quick strait forward way to save them needs to die Horably in a fire with a thousands Taru Taru's poking him with sticks.

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  • haoleihaolei hdfPosts: 1Member

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  • DameonkDameonk Ewa Beach, HIPosts: 1,914Member Uncommon

    PoL was the worst part of the game.

    Being able to listen to the music was nice, but it was way too clunky and poorly designed.

    I remember spending way to much time trying to figure out how to activate my account. 

    And really, after you had your account set up, the software acted as nothing more than a barrier to logging into the game.

    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • sweetdreamssweetdreams Nowhere, FLPosts: 155Member Uncommon

    I liked it but it was annoying at times.... the music and sound effects you could apply were nice.

  • WSIMikeWSIMike Catskill, NYPosts: 5,564Member

    I chose "It's okay"..

    I don't "hate it"... I think it was intended for a good purpose.. as a sort of "hub" or "portal" for all of SE's games, as well as other things. I just think it didn't really pan out the way they intended it; which SE seems to feel as well, thus how FFXIV won't use it.

    So I'd say "good idea that didn't pan out"

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  • KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    I actually like POL because of all the customization you can do too it!  Anyone that can't figure it out IMO are just lazy and impatient as it works well and does what its supposed to do and everything is laid out and easy to find.


    However, I like that FFXIV will have a faster means of getting into the game; instead of having to click through so many screens...

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