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Sorry OGP you aren't foolng me!!!!

bigdaddysfebigdaddysfe A town, CAPosts: 89Member

It's funny that this is up only now when you knew Aeria Games was gonna make this. You got cut off at Twitter and Facebook so now you are scrambling to put you mark on other places. What were you doing the last year you had the license? Oh yeah reading the Nexon Handbook and trying to squeeze every last penny out of your players.

You get what you deserve not even having 1000 players on your server. Say what you will about Aeria, but they have the money and time to invest in this game and will get promoted a hell of alot more than OGP has. 

I hope this version will reach the people who may not have known about this game or be a second chance for those put off by the lag and the money-grubbing tactics of OGP.

That's the link that needs to be put up next to the game.




  • SonGokulSonGokul VarnaPosts: 26Member Uncommon

    Lag fest. and game witch dose't allow me to change my MOVEMENT KEYS IS BROKEN !!!

  • choujiofkonochoujiofkono no, OHPosts: 852Member

    Plays fine with a 360 controller.  I haven't played it much though.

    "I'm not cheap I'm incredibly subconsciously financially optimized"
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  • dillan628dillan628 hamilton, ONPosts: 4Member

    the game is pretty much all server sided, meaning you will have more lag then another game, i play the aeria latale and had about 134 ms ping, living in canada. Aeria's game servers for LaTale are in Berlin, Germany. i strongly suggest aeria, even though OGP is finaly realizing how hard it will be to compete with aeria and are lowering prices and making puzzles able to be bought by npc again, or so i hear.



    in short: go with aeria anyway.


    SusanRev, the project manager lives in california and has the same ping as me.

    also, if you hate gameguard and the community says its bad, they will do what they can to get rid of it

  • spookysoundspookysound vallejo, CAPosts: 2Member

    wow, ogp bashing much? just because you dislike the company theres no need to take it out on the game.

    OGP's LaTale does struggle a bit with lag if you dont live in what, west america idk lol but its still a great game that deserves a chance. if anyone goes straight to aeries latale they will log out and never return because aerias latale is new and has absolutely nothing going for it. OGP's latale has many maps, plenty of competition since theres a good number of players who are tough in PVP and a way bigger fashion shop than aerias if thats what your into too.

    long story short

    OGP's LaTale > Aerias LaTale.

    i highly suggest you try this game.

  • bigdaddysfebigdaddysfe A town, CAPosts: 89Member

    You hyprocrite, you are doing the exact same thing. Saying that you should never even try Aeria's version. Personally after having played both versions and seeing how both comapnies are, I think they are both peices of shit, but for different reasons. However, the mutual competition is benefitting both sides. Don't think for 1 second that OGP would have made any of these price changes if not for Aeria. It's funny, they recently have cut the amount of Astros you get per card and raised prices on some of thier items back to past levels. That hasn't been making people happy. I would say if you get little to no lag in Aeria's version and do not have a lvl 140 or higher character, to try Aeria, you may enjoy it more than OGP's version. At the very least people can try both version's and decide for themselves.

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