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My thoughts

binkusbinkus Ashby de la ZouchPosts: 57Member

My thoughts of Saga so far, i have played on and off for about a year and there are so many niggly things

dont get me wrong first out this could actually be a stunning game...but imo

there is no place for your kingdom in the world... what i mean here is you are a 'nation' which has no set locations and frankly if you keep your head down out of guilds you will never be attacked by another player rarely maybe but out of the 3 accounts i ran nothing

they could do some amazing things here with nations and borders but sadly they did not

combat is another bug bear when units collide in combat you can have hundreds of units in the same space all in the same 1" plot fighting with not spread

i play from england i and i get lag and buggy servers which unfortunately crashes every time i want to play multiplayer with my pals (main reason they all stopped playing)

from lvl 22 upwards the quests get fw and far between and frankly the quests are poorly worded and storylined at the best of time (this isnt necessarily a big thing) as the game is fast paced and keeps you interested.

the playing pieces in combat are very unblanced and some units are far harder than other units you can field at the same cost for example some units are slow and attack once per strike others for the same cost have a better ability and strike far more at the same cost what i am tryign to say here is that nearly 50% of the units you can choose from are redundant and you will always opt (if you have teh runes) for better units eg orc xbow or orc bowmen bowmen everytime

the cost model they have used is addictive however you soon realise unfortunately it is a game of the rich and the recent update means that people with a larger disposable income will be sporting some hardcore units with hardcore equipment in no time..take heed... you need a healthy bank or paypal balance (start selling stuff on ebay now!)

dont get me wrong the game is great i like it but i am a junkie for games and like alot of the concepts (and have healthy paypal balance) patches come regularly and they make an effort people will talk to you noob or experienced alike and generally has a good community

i mainly play as light as the scenery and buildings and background music dont make you want to kill yourself after 2 hours of droning and staring at them

quests are poor but will give you what you need, lots of quests to exploit and level up on and you get to expand you theorectical nation after a couple of levels. the market is good fun and a few programming bits would help people not listing spells for under their shop sell value (dyor in market)

other than that fun, expensive (dont let anyone tell you you can play for free) its like playing tetris but only being able to move right and down, and be prepared to be salivating at the mouth to get your hands on some cards and equipment ($)

graphically much better offerings out there, tactically has the talk but not the walk, but they patch regularly and its light not expect to be sucked into the game by its storyline










nerf scissors! rock is fine...
yours paper



  • MxtenMxten Salisbury, MDPosts: 3Member

    I have found that the cost of cards mostly tells their usefulness although this is often based on PVP and Raiding.

    It is easier to play with cards you buy but you can play with free cards you can buy with game gold.

    Thankfully I do not have the lag problem. I got help with the difficult Territory Quest. I CoOp all the time. I like this part of the game.

    Recently someone hacked the game. They are scrambling to fix the damage. Hopefully they will figure out a way to do so soon.

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