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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Version 1.3.0b Now Live!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,160Administrator Rare

Version 1.3.0b is now live after a short stint of less than a week on the Public Test Server. The new patch brings the long awaited Shaman and Archmage changes initially announced for 1.3, as well as the much needed AOE changes, and more!

Grab the announcement and patch notes here!

So, 1.3.0b has been live for a little while, what are your first impressions? I've been waiting for this patch to get back into the game, as I found the AOE madness off-putting in the last few months.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
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  • naldricnaldric AlmadaPosts: 909Member

    Since i canceled my account like 2 weeks ago, I was like "wow let's check the patch" and then I noticed that they nerfed the 3 classes I have lvl40.... the already completly sucky Blackguard, nerfed.... the somewhat useless Zealot (the other healers can do the same stuff, better) nerfed, and the Sorc underdog, nerfed.... Well no point in even trying it...

  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    Well, it isn't too bad, as almost every class in the game is affected by this patch, except my WP. :E

  • KawabungaKawabunga Austin, TXPosts: 26Member

    I canceled my account about a week ago , and I do not intend to renew for number pads  as they effect basically every class dps. Making weak classes weaker while making strong classes equally weaker does nothing. They still have not fixed the OP problem by doing this as the balance issues go far beyond over powered classes. They have player population balance issues that make the game little or no fun at all to play on the under populated side.

    Granted the new immunities to CC is a plus, it will take actual new game content to get me back in Warhammer. Content that does not envolve PQ's, and getting rolled by the out numbered side of a realm.  Adding content that only OP sides get to play will lead to one faction and no one for them to kill in the long run,imo. Basically LOTD is a complete failure in my opinion it should have always been full blown pvp with a "kick you out" buff when you were killed that would not let you in for a 30 min -1 hour max time period.

    You can only stand defending BO's and Fortress for so long before you get completly sick of this game.

    The End game PQ / Pve should have been removed a long time ago, and it baffles me why they waitited this long to even mention changes to it. Don't even get me started on Quality Control associated with bugs in Warhammer. Pitiful.

    If I killed it, it must taste like chicken.

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon

    I just cancelled my account yesterday. I actually like WAR several aspects of it anyway. However I am anxiously awaiting Aion. Got a good chance to get some play time in on Aion this last weekend and it is just a MUCH better game.

  • vasilchovasilcho SofiaPosts: 42Member

    All I can say is too little, too late. that also summarizes WAR as a whole :) and they freaking nerfed SW lol, they surely deserved it :D 

  • strutter78strutter78 Deer Lodge, MTPosts: 90Member

    I didn't notice any change to CC....still being silenced/KD/Disabled dead/rez /stun dead with my 40 sorc...BWs still own the battlefield with better DoTs than any destro class, BW and Engis get a tactic to increase radius of acid bomb and Rof (+50%) the radius nerf really didn't hurt them....Blackguard, mara's are gutted even further, Immunity timers seem to be working for order but not destro...but i was too busy dying to notice....haven't played my zealot yet, but what I've seen so far doesn't look good...going to shelve my sorc, she's about useless now and no surviability...blackguards about the same..may have to give my squiggy another shot....but I think this patch was rushed, using a chainsaw instead of a scalpel, and almost everyone posting in the test forums hated the blanket changes I don't think I'll be renewing next month.

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  • SoulticeSoultice Conway, ARPosts: 110Member Uncommon

    One poster put it best, too little too late.  The problems is that instead of reworking CC in teir 4 and getting rid of alot of it, you still get CC'd and cannot do a thing about it even with the timers.  You still get burned down without having the ability to actually defend yourself. Casters can still run into tanks and AOE them to death and walk away.  The core function of the game sucks.  PVE end game that relies on low level players is basically useless.

    I too am hoping Aion will be what Warhammer promised but never delivered on.  Sub is up and not renewing. 

  • FrobnerFrobner REykjavPosts: 649Member

    I have been trying the game as part of the revisit program.  The game is the only one that I would actually pay subscription for right now..  But its still far from acceptable to do it.   THere are so big problems that need to be resolved - that I simply can't see them ever be resolved.  

    How can a game that is promoting ppl to join up for RVR then deside to kick ppl OUT of RVR when the servers can't handle the battles ?  How can an entire game be build up around such nonsense without the devs doing something about it YEARS before the game launched ?   

    CC and class balance has always been a huge issue in WAR and will always be.  What is the most frightening now and it really sounds like Mytihic is gonna do tthis.

    GIve CC IMMUNITY for ppl that have better gear or higher renown.

    Are Mythic really so BLATANTLY stupid that they dont realise this will TOTALLY DESTROY the game for the NEW players that are coiming into RVR ?  And how the hell are they expecting ppl to be intrested in the game or pay for it when they simply can not enjoy RVR cause the ppl with CC immunity are ROLLING over the ppl trying it out.

    Seriously....  THis is why I wont pay subs for WAR... how can a developer be this stupid? 

    Not that I will be paying sub for any game in next months.  THe MMO genre is stale and dead.  Most ppl by now know that its only matter of buisness but has nothing to do with gaming.  Developers of MMO games should be ashamed of themselfs.  Sounds like me that new generation of real GAMERS need to take over some of the projects cause its the buisniess suits that are controlling things atm.  And that has NOTHING to do with gaming.

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Posts: 7,945Member Uncommon

    Mirror classes effectively double the work required to balance the game.  I think this was a poor choice for mythic and they should have instead used the original 24 total classes (12 classes on each side) and programmed them to share the same mechanics.  This is similar to early years of DAOC, but the market is not as forgiving as it was back then.

    I understand more classes give players greater variety, but mythic has always struggled with class balance and their long struggles with area effect and crowd control do not help the situation any.  It is like a multiplier effect to their problems.


    They should have played to their strengths: player vs player, land mass conquest realm combat and stayed away from their weaknesses: to many class, pve and the european service provider (GOA?).  


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