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This game is horrid! Remove it from!

AzzthurasAzzthuras Rochester, WAPosts: 122Member

 You guys that play Rakion call this game an MMORPG? Its more like little babys running around calling you a hacker banning you from every &*%$in game there is availible. Trust me. I couldnt stay in one game for more than 5 minutes with out getting kicked being called a hacker when everyone else around me is jumping like #*$&ing morons. 

If this game wasnt ruled by the players, and I didnt get kicked every #&*$ing game when I finally hit a rythem. Then it would be good. But for now till Rakion Staff gets there mother fuckin heads out of there asses. Im done with it.





  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon

    You should play Wolf Team instead.

  • AzzthurasAzzthuras Rochester, WAPosts: 122Member
    Originally posted by TheHavok

    You should play Wolf Team instead.

    iight dude, yah I have nothing about the game, just the open boot system they have in pvp. Ill check that game out for sure since Rakion would have been good.


  • Y2KekseY2Kekse Victorville, CAPosts: 11Member

      Aw, it's a shame that Rakion, by your report, has come to this. I used to play Rakion, and it was super fun. And jumping. Jumping was fun. I eventually stopped playing because, mainly, I just suck at PvP, but also because there's no character customization (apart from equipped items). What can I say, I like making myself look unique. Anyways, I don't think Rakion should be removed, per se, from Who knows? They might turn things around. Oh! And I also played Wolf Team, how ironic XD I did terribly there as


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