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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: 1.3.0b on Public Test Server Now!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,169Administrator Rare

The upcoming 1.3.0b patch mentioned in Jeff Skalski's Producer's Letter yesterday is now available on the Public Test Server. The patch features the return of the AoE standardization changes from the 1.3 PTS phase, as well as the promised Shaman and Archmage changes, an improvement to crowd control immunity timers, and numerous RvR updates.

Highlights are available below:

  • The Archmage and Shaman Careers have undergone several improvements. Due to these changes, all Archmage and Shaman players have had their Mastery points refunded. Please visit a Career Trainer to reallocate these Mastery points. Please see the Combat and Careers section of the notes for more details regarding these changes.
  • All area-of-effect abilities have been standardized based on type (Melee "Cleave", Conical, Line, Point-Blank or Ground-Targeted). Please see the Combat and Careers section of the notes for more details regarding these changes.
  • Version 1.3.0b brings several improvements to crowd control systems. While crowd control abilities remain a key part of strategic battles and dynamic gameplay, we are also working to ensure that they do not become a frustrating element for our players. We are implementing several changes to improve crowd control in general, the first of which is a change to the "Unstoppable" buff, which can be found below in the Combat and Careers section of the notes.
  • The Field of Glory buff currently grants a 100% Experience bonus in RvR Lakes when killing players. Players will now receive an additional 50% bonus to Experience and a 150% bonus to Renown when killing players near Battlefield Objectives or Keeps.

For the full patch notes, go here.

Also, the instructions for getting onto the PTS are available here.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB

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