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Why do You like Jade Dynasty? Pros and Cons

CatInBootsCatInBoots Staunton, VAPosts: 30Member

I want to see what everyone else thinks about JD and What do you think are the pros and cons?

Here is my list of likes(Pros):

1. The legal Bot(aka Esper)- Okay I just love this feature. I know this one probably causes the biggest debate. I think most people just have issues with it because we have been taught botting is wrong and illegal in every other online game. Then suddenly a game comes and says hey not only is it legal here but we will even give you the bot! I think it just throws people for a loop. Being a mom, wife, home owner, full time worker I love it. Gives me a chance to keep up in the game with all those people who have too much free time on their hands.

2. The Graphics- It was one of the first things that lured me into Perfect World games. The colors and fantasy yet still real feeling cities and areas are great. It doesnt look like a cheap game to me. Its interesting enough that I take the time to look around when Im on the game and actually see whats around me.

3. The Factions- I like how they take the normal classes of most mmorpg's but kinda twist them up a bit to make them a new version of the old. I mean you have your clerics, range, tanks, etc but they arent just that in JD. Tanks can deal good damage, clerics dont just have to heal. The range isnt an archer for once lol.

I been playing a skysong. So far Im lvl 88. Skysongs are like the clerics, but in most parties I dont really find myself healing others too much. The buffs are good. I think of myself as a pve grinding machine, self heals cut back on pots, and I do decent damage still.

4. PVP and PVE Realms- This one is another big one for me. Im not much of a pker and I hate games that force you to pk or allow others to pk you against your will. I like that JD gives you the option of chosing if you want to be involved in pk or not and that you can change your mind and freely move between the PVP and PVE realms.

5. Social Interaction- The big one here for me is Marriage! I love games where I can marry my real life hubby in the game as well. They also have clans,  alliances, friend lists and the other typical stuff.

6. Cash Shop- Im not too thrilled about the cash shop this isnt really one of my likes. Instead what I like is the fact you dont have to spend real life money to get items from the cash shop. You can purchase the cash shop currency with ingame gold instead. I like this because I dont have to spend real life money on the game.

7. Its F2P- self explanitory


My list of Dislikes(Cons)

1. I love the esper(aka legal bot) the only downside to it, is that it means a lot of people are afk a lot. So alliance and clan chats arent always that active and its hard sometimes to get with people ingame.

2. The sound effects- I just dont feel they spent too much effort on these and too much stuff makes too much annoying noise. Between combat sounds, pet sounds, monster sounds, your own character noises, and the noise of other characters, I just find it too overwhelming.

3. Cash Shop Prices- I know the game needs the cash shop and I know its geared for USA players and USA economy. I still tend to find things in it rather overpriced. $30 for an outfit ingame for my toon is just too much. I would rather go buy an outfit in real life!

4. Quest and Item explanation- I feel some quests and items are very under described. You get items all the time you have no idea what they are used for, if they are any good, or anything. Some quests are very vague like that too. It can be very frustrating.

5. Crafting and Refining- Crafting takes alot of work and space. I think its a bit too much and could be toned down a bit. Refining could be made a bit easier too.  Going +1-+5 is no problem, even without CS items. I dont see how anyone could make a +20 weapon though without spending thousands and I mean thousands of  dollars on CS items. Just seems a bit extreme. Would be better if they just capped the refine system at +10 IMO.


Mmmmmm I think this is all I can think of for now. Im definitely going to keep playing JD for now. Im a little worried for when I hit lvl 90 and the long haul begins but Ill cross that bridge when I get there.

So what are everyone elses Pros and Cons?



  • MCLustt910MCLustt910 Fayetteville, NCPosts: 42Member

    The Esper botting feature is gone now.


  • CatInBootsCatInBoots Staunton, VAPosts: 30Member
    Originally posted by MCLustt910

    The Esper botting feature is gone now.


    Dunno which version your on or what your even talking about, but Im using the feature right this second as I make this post lol.

  • coatlicue4coatlicue4 Luban SlaskiPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Nyah.. Im gong to play JD.. Tho, Im still not sure.. I hope that as a Skysong I can make normal dmg, not like little weak creature >.< And I hope that healing system is nice.. Sometimes, idk, but they screw up healing system and then I feel down.. ._. So.. I wonder what abt that bot feature.. o..o

  • MCLustt910MCLustt910 Fayetteville, NCPosts: 42Member

    My fault. Haha.

    I couldn't get it to work, and someone had told me they took it out.


    Damn being a newb.


  • unimatrix8unimatrix8 Memphis, TNPosts: 107Member

    I got to admit, i didnt think i would like this game, but so far after 3 days of playing and making it to lvl 40. I have to say im very impressed with the game. I really like how you dont have to spend money in the CS to enjoy the game, because you can spend ingame gold to get the money for the CS which is a very big + for me. The botting system is a very nice tool also, it really helps with all the X amount of mobs quests, and also lets you take time out for RL which is a good thing.


    I do however dislike the chat feature, and what i mean by this is you have to have a CS item to be able to talk in world chat. Which is a very big let down if you are a new player to the game. Now i did mention that you could buy the CS money with ingame gold, but you dont start making good amounts of gold until around lvl 45 or so. Overrall the game is  pretty decent for a f2p mmo and this is coming from a guy that has only played P2P mmos

  • KordeshKordesh P, NJPosts: 1,715Member

     This is actually one of the more playable F2P games out there. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. The option of trading in-game gold for cash shop gold is especially nice since nothing feels "locked away". If you don't want to spend the money, and are willing to grind enough for the gold, you can get anything, and with the esper system, grinding is more of a matter of setting your character up and hanging out with some friends for a while. I especially like that the espers level up. 


    The primary reason I think this appeals to me is that it is deceptively complex. There are lots of little features hidden in it. There's a pet system that has a fair amount of depth, the romance system which is nice if you play with your SO, espers and meditiation take a good chunk of the grind out of things. Hell, the minigames are even pretty decent. There's just lots to do. The translations were done fairly well considering it's only been out 2 weeks as well. There's a bit of engrish here and there, but nothing jarring.


    Meditation actually makes the game seem more alive in a way. Chiefly I think it's because of how they stylized it. The awesome looking meditation bubble makes people want to sort of put themselves on display while meditating, so rather than just dumping themselves anywhere, you find people meditating in appropriate and interesting looking places, most of the time anyway.


    One of the bigger things I think they got right was the interface. I see people complaining about it in the hype listing, but I really don't know why. Maybe because I'm used to F2P games having terrible blank boxes with system font labels in them and a UI that's haphazardly thrown together. Considering, this one seems pretty solid. 


    The primary CONS I have at the moment are that while the music is nice, the sound effects are half hearted which is a shame )=. Some of them are ok, but some are pretty cringeworthy. The 2nd thing I'm torn on and thats requiring an item to broadcast to other people. It's annoying because it makes it harder to communicate with people, especially when you have a question, but on the other hand considering some of the conversations I see going on even with the items costing them money, it might be better off so that I don't need to listen to a wave of "lol dis persun is soooooogay" all the time. According to the forums, there are a fair deal of older players for Jade Dynasty actually, but the immature ones drown them out pretty well. 


    I think most people are going to look down on this one regardless though simply because of the setting. Personally, I enjoy chinese mythology, but I could see it being "strange" to people used to playing nothing but western fantasy and causing them to find the game generally offputting. 


    Bottom line, for a F2P game, I actually like this quite a bit. 

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  • neschrianeschria Johnstown, PAPosts: 1,405Member Uncommon

    I think the OP summed things up pretty well for me.  This game really surprised me. I didn't think I'd like it, but I've been having great fun. And I was just thinking today that it would be great if my husband decided to play so we could get married. :)  


    I actually use the espers mainly to finish fighting for quests while working around the house, and then set myself up to meditate overnight. One of the problems I have with a lot of games is that life gets in the way of playing, so I don't always get to play very much. This game lets me make a little progress anyway. I am notoriously slow at leveling in any game, and I've been slower in this game than other people have said in this thread, but my main character is level 30 (Skysong), and that's not bad progress for me in a game that I haven't been playing very long.


    I've played at least one other game that allowed legal botting (MWO -- and I am thinking that I've actually played a couple of them), but Jade Dynasty is the first that has really caught my attention because I have fun actually playing when I am not letting it auto-exp for me.


    I like the setting. I like the art. I like that it runs great on my old clunker of a computer. I am even enjoying following storylines through quests, and that's usually NOT my thing.  


    I'd like it if some of the quests were a little clearer. Most are pretty self-explanatory, and I don't even mind running around a little bit for the "explore an area"  kind of quests, but some of them don't really give enough explanation in the quest log to figure out what you're supposed to do. (I'm talking to YOU, Solitary Peace Treasure Map.)


    I've been considering spending some cash at the cash shop, but as was mentioned, prices seem a little steep.

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • KordeshKordesh P, NJPosts: 1,715Member
    Originally posted by neschria

    I'd like it if some of the quests were a little clearer. Most are pretty self-explanatory, and I don't even mind running around a little bit for the "explore an area"  kind of quests, but some of them don't really give enough explanation in the quest log to figure out what you're supposed to do. (I'm talking to YOU, Solitary Peace Treasure Map.)
    I've been considering spending some cash at the cash shop, but as was mentioned, prices seem a little steep.

    If the treasure map one is the one I think it is (where you need to find the items to form the map) I believe you just need to keep doing dispatch quests until you get the pieces as rewards. Not 100% but that's what I got from it. 

    The cash shop items are pretty cool, but yeah, the prices are way way too high right now. Mostly on the larger items like mounts, pets and costumes which are anywhere from $10 to $20 0-o. I really want that little rat pet though :3  On the upside though, as with other perfect world games, they have a banker where you can exchange ingame gold with players for cash shop currency. Granted, the exchange rate is pretty high, but it's still a way to get the items in the cash shop without having to fork over a ton of money.  

     All in all I hope the prices get adjusted in the future but I'm not sure if they'll go ahead with that since it would sort of retroactively screw anyone who's bought things at the current price. 

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  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

     honestly i love 1 fact graphic!

    i dont believe its dx10 but

    if your like me and have a decent 8800gt nvidia gcard 

    in recent year game supported old format witch is needed but forgot top end 

    i dont know what they did but when i go on my card and say to my card replace all setting 

    i want to replace all setting ,small detail you say 

    hell it makes jade dinasty an awsome game yes when you replace graphic setting on your card you will defenetly see a big improvement ,you ll still have to tweak bloom witch in my view is useless always too bright etc the idea is nice but it just suck 

    i tried this game a bunch of time and wasnt impressed by graphic till i set my card on replacing setting men 

    i believe its the best looking graphic out there not kiddy like wow or ether saga

    set like this it look even better then rune of magic witch does look fair 

    i think this game does both support old game in the game and if you got a nice computer you will have nice graphic 

    by setting it in card

    yes its not dx10 but its just beta maybe they ll add an icon to support this feature 

    unless someone out there knows a trick how to set our computer so that any dx game can be dx 10 instead of 9

    but as of now its THE EST looking f2p game out there using your card setting 

    if you use their ingame setting its plain old f2p look  wich is cool also 


    lol lot of older computer out there lol

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    The thing I like the best about JD is that it really gives the player the feeling everything was implemented with a specific purpose, and not just something thrown in there 'cause any other MMO has it. I mean: you join a clan and thus gain access to the clan skills (which really help); but it's up to you to lvl it up; further more you become part of an alliance. By doing so you gain access to clan and alliance quests, but you also have to donate to help your clan and alliance. Your alliance can go to wars, fort battles, your clan members can help you in battlegrounds, etc; or you can get married and start doing the special quests for the married couples. Or fish every 2 hours to get a fish cert to enter the Mastery in order to make mokey, get extra xp, quests, and so on. Ppl say "why should I spend a lot of money to make my pet evolve?" - well how about getting a pet so powerful that would outdmg you and KO your opponents (not to mention some of the awesome skills these pets can have, like healing, hp draining, and so on).
    Even the factions are pretty fair balanced and each has its own tricks so no matter which side you choose you're still going to get your share of fun and will shine at some point in game.

    As for the cash shop....I see no problem really. Sure lvl 90 is a pain in the ass and will force your hand in order to make you start spending real cash on the game, but if you manage to produce enough gold you'd still be able to buy those needed CS items without wasting your real money. I own pretty much everything that's been released through the cash shop - all bought only through the jaden trade. I grind during the night and spend the rest of the day doing the events or scout the market for good deals.

  • azndragoonazndragoon san francisco, CAPosts: 1Member

     I played many mmorpg, and

      Pro is you can have a good start in the game, fast to level up. great quest in the game. normally when i play other game it seen to take forever to level, and you cant really do much till your really high level. It play great on my laptop, did not even lag on me once. It the only game I played that i will stay up to play all game if i wanted.

    Con there is no con so far...

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