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Alternate Download Link? (Besides Fileplanet)

Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

I'm having trouble with the FilePlanet download site for FFXI and I would like to know if there's an alternate download site... I've never played FFXI and would like to give it a shot before XIV comes out...


  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member

    You'll need a download code. I'll PM you one off my buddy pass.

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    The download link it provided seems to be downloading a corrupted zip file. Keep getting this error:

    ! The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


    Am I doomed?

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member

    Try using winrar to unzip the file if you haven't already.. The file should be good as far as I know.

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    It's all good. I managed to download it through Fileplanet so I'm good. Everything's peachy now except the movement controls...

  • arodenaroden CaintaPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    I used to play this game at launch but gave up soon after would like to try it again, but cant download the trial from fileplanet due to restrictions.. :( if anyone has a buddy code so that i can download it direct from soe i would be happy... as i guess this would bypass the need for a fileplanet. :)

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