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Magic World Online: Free Gift Codes!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,211Administrator Uncommon has been given 5,000 free gift codes to give our community for Magic World Online. Each code will give you give you the following:

  • 1 Lucky Purse (S) and 1 Lucky Purse (B) from which you could gain a lot of money.
  • 2 sets of equipment, one is for players around lvl6, the other is for players around lvl24. Contain weapons, boots, gauntlets, belt and armor.
  • 3 fireworks which could be used to celebrate anything.
  • 1 Magic Positioning (3), contains 3 Magic position apparatus which could be used to teleport your character to some scenes directly for 3 times.
  • 1 World Messenger, which could be used to broadcast the message worldwide.



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  • theanimedudetheanimedude waterloo, ONPosts: 1,610Member Uncommon

    Anyone actually looked at the site? This game looks terribad.


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