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POLL: What kind of gaming comics do you like?

Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

Just trying to figure out what people are more inclined to read and view these days when it comes to gaming comics. I find many of them follow the same path and am sure there are probably far too many!


  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIPosts: 5,613Member

    I haven't looked at a "gamer" comic for half a year and I'm quite the webcomic reader.   Quite simply put the format is no longer interesting for the regular web comic reader.

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

  • JiuJitsuJiuJitsu Orlando, FLPosts: 93Member

    Comedy Based for sure! I love comedy

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