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Free Realms: 3 Million registered (So what does this mean when it takes two seconds to make an accou

qombiqombi Unknown, LAPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

 It means nothing. Have you checked out how fast one creates a free realm account and it's free? It is laughable that SOE is boasting these account sub numbers. Why does SOE not disclose the account sub numbers of their other games that are subscription based? 

So what if a free game has 3 million subscribers that downloads in 5 mins? I myself created one account to review the process, there is one more they count towards their success rate. I also know of about 10 little children that go to school with my son that all have free realms accounts. Like them, my son will never be purchasing anything. He is 5 years of age and just has fun seeing the pretty colors and cartoon. I wonder how much money is actually coming from people buying something in that game. I do not like the way WoW has become but they still have impressive subcription numbers that they get PAID for monthly. The only way Sony was able to get a 4th of their sub numbers was to let people subscribe for free.



  • ThradarThradar Minas Tirith, NVPosts: 949Member

    Publicizing numbers like this on F2P games mean nothing.  How many are using the shops?  How many are active?  How many are playing it completely free?

    The only meaningful numbers are active accounts on subscription based games.  But of course no one publishes those because then you can extrapolate earnings from it.

  • templargatemplarga Atlanta, GAPosts: 1,964Member

    Yep, when this debate started, I went to SOE and checked and I am STILL counted as a subscriber even though I have not played the day since the day I signed up for an account.

    So the answer is: it means absolutely nothing.

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