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Age of Conan: Tarantia Commons Walkthrough

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSMember Posts: 6,696 Common

Tarantia WalkthroughFuncom has provided us with this exclusive walkthough of the new Tarantia Commons area opened up in the recent 1.05 update. The walkthrough, which takes players visually through the new area, is narrated by Game Director Craig Morrison.

Watch the Tarantia Commons Walkthrough


Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • MuffpojkenMuffpojken stockholmMember Posts: 54

    Kickass ^^

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  • sadeyxsadeyx leicesterMember Posts: 1,553

    Another nice instance!


    Great, but no thanks xD

  • maveric007maveric007 Crofton, MDMember Posts: 160 Uncommon

    ya its good stuff along with the patch that really changed how the game works.

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