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Recruiting Members For Delirious Guild

bboneheaddbboneheadd MeathPosts: 116Member

Hello everyone,

I am recruiting members for a guild called "Delirious" It is a level 7 guild (with castle) with more then 70 members from more then 10 different country's. We are located on the EU PvP Server Smacht and are looking for active, mature players who are level 30 or higher.



Some more info about the guild.

We have recently grown in size and started to do endgame instance like Mystic Altar, Cyclops Lair and are gearing up for instance like Kalin Shrine, Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom and Treasure Trove. If your not quite ready for to those instance just yet there are plenty of members who are in the mid levels and you can join them in some of the lower levels instance.

If your more of a PvP person we have something for you to, we just had our first guild war (we won of course ) and with the sudden member increase we will hopefully have many more to come.


Well this is what I can think of right now I will probably add more info later on.  For now if you have any questions feel free to pm me or visit ""


 Oh and almost forgot if you do decide to join when in game pm one of these fallowing people.

miloo, Guild, Nicotiene, Windofdarkness, Dutyer

Goodbye, hope to see you soon.

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