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Slow Patching

Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

I just obtained my preorder today and have been downloading the client for the last few hours, only now sitting at 17%. Is there a support page detailing the issue of slow download speeds and if so are there any specific ports that need to be forwarded on routers/firewalls to get things moving along?


  • HaikenHaiken Miami, FLPosts: 81Member

     Yeah  I got my pre-Order today too and its at 30% its downloading at 80k to 160k (mostly 80k), We will probably be able to play tomorrow morning.

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    Yep, which kind of sucks. We'll only get half a day to play before the beta event ends. :/

  • HaikenHaiken Miami, FLPosts: 81Member

     Nah, we get like day and a half , I think...

    The second Aion closed beta event kicks off this weekend Friday, June 19th (12:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST) and ends Monday, June 22nd (12:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST).

    Edit: My timezone is East Standard Time, anyone know the time it will end ?

  • Coldsun1Coldsun1 Red Hook, NYPosts: 19Member

    I would bet that the bandwidth is getting dedicated to supporting the servers atm and the download speed has probably been dramatically decreased.  I downloaded yesterday in a little over 90 mins total.  Hope you get in soon.


  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    3PM EST on Monday for us Easterners...

    I do hope it speeds up. I'm at 20% now...

  • VABeachDaveVABeachDave Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 228Member

    When I downloaded it, it was at roughly 125 or so and it took about 15 hours to download. My girlfriend started downloading it on two computers on the same network at once last week. Strangly one was running at about 80 and the other at 450. Obviously one finished way before the other.


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  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    Strange way of prioritizing server to client relations... O.o

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