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GrayEX-RoEGrayEX-RoE salem, ORPosts: 2Member

1. Graphics and sound are horrible.
2. Game mechanics are clunky and difficult to learn
3. This game is the most unbalanced game I have ever played.
4. This game has more annoying bugs than any game I have ever played
5. The game is underdeveloped. There is no aims or goals, it's like they released a game before it was even half finished.
6. Staff is clueless about fixing any problems or further development of the game.
7. Strict rules don't make much sense and aren't clearly posted anywhere, heavy-handed staff is quick to ban and suspend people for breaking them.
8. The community is miniscule. There is almost as many staff members as there are players


  • Hammertime1Hammertime1 Lewiston, IDPosts: 619Member

    I love negative reviews by one-time posters, so I think that I'll go try this game out for a bit.


    Thanks for bringing the game to our attention!

  • GrayEX-RoEGrayEX-RoE salem, ORPosts: 2Member

    By all means, and if you find one single discrepancy in my review feel free to point it out. I created this account on this website for the sole purpose of reviewing this game and hopefully saving any interested gamers the hassle of wasting their time. I guess some people just have to learn for themselves.


  • mushalanwacmushalanwac yarmouth, NSPosts: 60Member

    This game may have terriable graphics and is extremly un-balanced, but it has managed to survive for a very very long time for its type of game.

    I played this game a good 4 years ago and i loved it, for the sole reason of the community, i have yet to find a game with a better community. It is awesome when you can log on and prety much know everyone online and just chat with them. It is also true this game hasnt gone anywheres at all since its first release but if you where the type of person to go on the RP realm and listen, jeez they had some very good stories... too bad they brought that realm down.


  • GynxxGynxx Phoenix, AZPosts: 1Member

    Do you normally take a couple of years to review a game?


    Are you just bitter because you've been perma banned and just can't play anymore?

    I'll guess at the latter.

  • OrthavoniaOrthavonia Indy, INPosts: 2Member

    This is all really sad.  Childish really.  Play another game for crying out loud Grayson.  Let it go.  You were perma banned.  I don't agree with the reasons but ruining the game for everyone else is pure selfishness.  If others wish to they can take a look at this game at

  • DunlavinDunlavin Wilmington, DEPosts: 1Member

    Well hello everyone.

    I would like to comment on some of this but it seems that many of you have already said what I would have. I was playing this game since it was in its earlier carnation (Cancun) it has come a long way since. Development was slowed to many issues and internal conflicts and laid dormant until the past couple of years. In the past two years development has been continued starting with new mobs, completed spell lines, new potions, magic user armor... etc. We are currently working on many other new things though I can discuss all of them publically at the moment.


    For those who don't know me from RoE. I am Dunlavin aka Dunny the current Game Producer for Rubies of Eventide. Stop by and see us in irc at or our forums at


    Let me know you saw this game here for the guided tour. :) (if I am available directly at that moment).



  • VyronVyron Jacksonville, FLPosts: 55Member

    I would highly recommend reading the Rules and Code of Conduct before posting.

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