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No free-to-play on this dinosaur?

DrakadenDrakaden Quebec, QCPosts: 138Member Uncommon

I remember playing that with my father as my first MMORPG and it was good back then, but nowaday you can find free games of better quality and contents that doesnt involve a monthly payment, yes money is needed to keep the servers alive, but i'm somewhat a bit surprised this old game hasnt turned free to play yet, they wouldn't have any problems setting up a micropayment system in this game, and it would bring the old naustalgia back into the old players and let new players play the game as much as they feel like, some of you will disagree with me by thinking it should turn free to play and thinks a 30 days trial is good enough, but i think its a bit behind the wheel of it's time, it wouldn't hurt the game.

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