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Destiny Online: Free Gift Code Giveaway!

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Destiny Online is about to release it's first Expansion Pack, The Power of Crimson, in Mid-June. The Expansion Pack will bring to players a host of new exciting features, including the long-awaited Crimson Grade Equipment, as well as a new max level, new Super Pets, Tribal Quests and new Outfits. To celebrate the launch of Power of Crimson, Destiny Online is hosting a unique Gift Codes Giveaway Event on

Each of the Gift Codes contains the following useful items:

  • A special cool Title of DO Exploiter
  • A special gem called Dragon Bone, which can be used to upgrade the quality of equipment
  • A special gem called Blessing of Goddess, which can be used to increase the level of equipment
  • A level-10 Golden Weapon
  • A pair of level-10 Golden shoes


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  • eihsaeihsa manila, WAPosts: 1Member

    Dear Sir/Madame,


    I would like to ask you regarding this free gift code give away on destiny online i already registered but when i was trying to check into my account it says that its alreadey in my IP address what do you  mean by that i was checking my character with the right person it says that you cannot claim the reward from this event what is the problem regarding the matter i didnt receive any Dragon bone goddess blessings, etc.


    looking forward regarding the matter.





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