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Clearing Things Up

Judasgoat98Judasgoat98 Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 158Member Uncommon

Well seeing as this game is dead on this site, I would like to say that I will try and post updates for the game on this site seeing as how the actual owners are to lazy to even do that let alone advertise it. This game is slowly dieing out, but is currently maintaining a stable population. This game is an easy download and allows for you to have a trial account. Plus, I would like to clear up the pricing for the game as well because the site is wrong.

There are 3 different types of server listings, Gold, Classic, and Hosted. To play on Gold and Hosted servers, you need to pay gold with the gralats you buy (Prices range on the site). To play the Classic servers, you need to pay a one time fee, and then you have access to about 7 different servers, each with a unique world. So give the game a try atleast. Keep posted for updates.


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