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Just what we need, another MMORPG blog

giantsquidgiantsquid Runes of Magic CorrespondentNorth Canton, OHPosts: 118Member

Yes, I thought I'd jump in the pool, as if it isn't wide or deep enough.

If you must demand why read, I suppose I could make it sound like I have a good reason-The game I play the most is Runes of Magic, and there is no RoM blogs out there, so I'm the first.  Woo...hoo -.-

I do play WoW as well, so if you haven't heard enough from a Elemental Dranaei Shaman, then quick, here's your chance.

The sites up and running but I'll be adding some widgets and other crap as time goes by.

How To Lose Your Life To An MMORPG

Go read it and send me all your hatemail and spam, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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