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Tips for lvling secondary class

giantsquidgiantsquid Runes of Magic CorrespondentNorth Canton, OHPosts: 118Member

Nothing groundbreaking here, just thought I'd offer my advice.

It seems one of the more often questions or player annoyances is how to lvl up or how to better lvl up secondary class since primary seems to gobble up available quests.

One important tip is that there exists an entire seperate map that most newcomers never find out about until it is too late.  This map was designed specifically for you to have more quests(starting at lvl 1) to level up your secondary class.

When you reach lvl 10 and obtain your second class, pay special note to the new "skills" added to your general skills window.

You will not only see a new teleport to Logar, but another teleport that just says "Reifort".

Reifort is actually just a town in the Zone of Sacilia Steppes, and it is here where you can easily make your way East to Obsidian Stronghold(another large city with all the emenities of Varanas), or stay in Sacilia Steppes to start the many quests located there.

As your teleport has a cooldown of 1 hr, and you'll also have a logar teleport, I encourage everyone to at least go look at Reifort and the entire map for Sacilia Steppes as early as possible.  If you don't like the prospect of being "stuck" there for an hour, don't worry, you can take the short jog East, I spoke of, to Obsidian Stronghold where you will find a teleport service that will not only be usefull to mark, as it will allow you to teleport there again for a small fee w/o using yer 1 hr skill, but it can teleport you directly back to Varanas.

I hope this helps people and alleviates some frustrations.



  • bananajoebananajoe kastroPosts: 82Member

    The probably most easy way is to level up your first class  to lvl 34 and your second class to lvl 24 (with quests and xp potions in the second starting area). When you reach lvl 34 you can do an easy daily quest where you could be even afk, someone just needs to kill some mobs, lots of party invite is going on for this. The xp rate for your lower second class is really high and you will level up quiete fast with this tactic.

  • giantsquidgiantsquid Runes of Magic Correspondent North Canton, OHPosts: 118Member

    Thanks Joe.

    Also another problem many players seem to have is the confusion over what lvl quests you can complete on secondary class.

    First. Your primary class can do daily quests up to 2 lvl above your primary class lvl.  I don't know the requirement for difference in class levels but I don't think it matters, as your secondary can "turn in" daily quests up to 7 lvls above(you cannot except the quest, only turn it in to get the great XP reward).

    For instance, the ant daily in Dust Devil Canyon is rated lvl 46(you can find out the lvl of daily quests with a simple addon)

    My secondary can turn those quests in at lvl 39(7 lvl below the quest lvl), but I have to switch to my lvl 49 knight to take the quest, go to my house, change to secondary then turn it in.  Yes it is kind of annoying, but you are getting an enourmousEXP amount for the small annoyance of needing to change back and forth in yer house.

  • jnewljnewl Santa Clarita, CAPosts: 26Member

    LOL! Man, I feel like an idiot :)

    I didn't realize Obsidian Stronghold was a friendly city. I assumed it was a high-level quest area, so I never even went there. My backpack was full to bursting by the time I hit that camp on the west side of the map.

    Now I'm gonna have to back there just to see what I missed.


    Good job on the post btw, giantsquid. It should be useful to people. Runewaker made it completely not obvious that there's a whole other map for your secondary to level up in. I mean, they tell you that they put two new skills in your book, but they don't really tell you what the Reifort one is for--or if they did, I and about a thousand other players missed it. I was under the impression it had a special purpose that would be revealed later. I only found out what it was for when I saw a chat conversation about it.

    Some ancient cultures used to worship cats as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

  • JiuJitsuJiuJitsu Orlando, FLPosts: 93Member

    haha dam i been playing the game for a long time and never thought of those ideas to level up both my first and secondary classes....! thanks for the info guys!! even though you all post the comments in may lol

  • myrikalosmyrikalos Redmond, WAPosts: 32Member

    Yeah, this is really helpful for those of us starting to play the game. I am doing a mage/priest combo and I want to level my priest as quickly as possible so that I can use the healing powers, also I think it will be fun to explore a new world.

    - Dana

  • peacockkingpeacockking Kuala LumpurPosts: 5Member

    i have question, now malaysia and singapore server already open beta, the lvling secondary class is same or not?

  • PiGz_88PiGz_88 Kuala LumpurPosts: 6Member

    i think i got abit diffrent with another ROM server,

    cos the MY/SG server jus start only,

    i think still got something haven launch...

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