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Parent's Cautionary Head's Up

SafraSafra Riverside, CAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

1) This game is incredibly CPU intensive. Unless you have a newer computer (mine's a 2008 HP model) then you will not be able to easily check email, webmail, etc., while you're child is playing.

2) There is a certain amount of hazard in allowing your child to access their Profile page at the site in that the character deletion button is right next to the Portrait button and only says "Delete" on it. Many children, and adults, accidentally deleted their characters thinking it was a Portrait deletion button.

Here are the hazards;

1) Any and all real world money purchased items are character bound, not account bound. This means that when the character is deleted so is every paid pet, paid fashion and any other paid-for items that you purchased for that character.

Currently there is no way to retrieve an accidentally deleted character - none, nada, don't even ask. Here's the Support link to that question;

There isn't even a cooldown time, which some parents may be used to from other games. The character is-just-gone.

2) Any and all codes used for that character will not work with a new character. Surprisingly unlike paid-for items, the freebie codes are account bound, not character bound. So that's it, you don't get the goodies anymore.

3) Your child, or you, will need to do all of the quests again for the new character. Which doesn't seem bad until you remember that there are annoying timed quests and in some cases these aren't optional, but required for character advancement. Just letting parent's in on the irritating "whine" factor that can be a result of a deletion.

Personally I may let a child play - for free. I would even perhaps consider a subscription, maybe. But I wouldn't spend any money further than that until they fix the instant character deletion problem.

It's a shame really. Sony is a big enough house to have handled this sort of trouble way beforehand. The game is great for younger children, ages 8-12, lots of puzzle and skill type of games that make you think a little. Even the fighting is watered down acceptably with "Knock-outs" instead of dying.

I wish they had more puzzles increasing in difficulty that were perhaps word type of things, but all in all it's not bad.

Just don't spend any money there.



  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    I agree its a valid concern


    its been posted in the Forum Suggestions and Bugs that there should be a Character Restoration feature


  • todeswulftodeswulf Dallas, TXPosts: 715Member

    My daughter is eight...she knows what delete means she subscribes and gets a Five dollar station cash card a month. We had never had any problems.

  • ummaxummax Ottawa, ONPosts: 779Member

    hehe well several adults have accidently deleted their character thinking that its the button to remove portraits.  I thought it was the button to delete portraits due to its configuration and set up.  They will probably move it as its just a silly design.   I guess the website design team wanted to make it look balanced.  They could at the very least change the writing on the button to say "character delete" or "delete character" as right now it appears to be the button you use to remove portraits from the file on the site.

  • SafraSafra Riverside, CAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    Well, it's not like I'm the only one who had the problem.

    I posted this up over on the FreeRealms forum and there are enough people who responded with a "Thanks, I didn't know/realize that" or "You're right this happened to me/my child and it sucks" that it appears to be a problem.

    It's really too bad that people fall in love with things and choose to look the other way when things aren't right.

    Worse is when they try to make those who alert others feel bad about speaking up.

    Anyways, this situation still isn't handled over there although the complaints are numerous enough that if you contact Support they may try to help you get your Station Cash back and possibly might level the new character in it's jobs up.

    Anyone who wants more information about how they are handling it can read it here;

    It's a shame really as this is the ONLY thing holding me back from recommending this game wholesale for children.

    It's a neat game, just the risk of losing cash items is too high. If they got a cooldown timer, or password enter to delete, or were able to retrieve deleted characters then I'd give a go ahead.

    As it is now I don't want family and friends pissed, at me.

  • ummaxummax Ottawa, ONPosts: 779Member

    hehe I'm the person who replied to you about the portraits button still existing and that its a visual gllitch (as you found out after you cleared your cache).  They will replace your station cash items as others have had this done.   I did note a pop up when i made a character to test the delete on that because i'm a reader would stop me from removing it.   Its not unfortunately good enough for everyone.    They are working on it, but right now there is a bug in the portraits section that is driving one of them bonkers I think.   Anyhow with the huge changes in the chat suddenly appearing this probably wont be far behind.  They seem to be fixing or adding things according to community recommendations in the order they are brought up.   The need for those chats like trade chat etc etc has been around longer so I would assume that since they are working on it the moving of the delete button is on its way.   Pex did say they are doing a redesign of that area and moving the delete button.   So its coming its just not here yet ..

  • SafraSafra Riverside, CAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    No doubt they'll get to it. I was reading the member area forum and there's enough there to justify fixing this.

    My whole thing is that I was so pleasantly surprised that there was a different game for children, I was just out of closed beta for ESO and would NOT recommend that game for children, 15 up perhaps, but not the younger kiddies.

    Anyways FreeRealms really surprised me in that there was so much to do for the kids that went beyond the fight, fight, fight theme and even the fighting was handled well, imho, by making them challenges or mini-games and having "knockouts" instead of death.

    If they fix this one problem, which I would love to see both the cautionary page buried under the Profile page somewhere AND the ability to restores characters OR a cooldown timer of at least 24 hours.

    I would settle for restoring the character, but somehow I think this will be too much work on their part, and they should opt for burying the deletion page with password input to confirm AND have a 24 hour cooldown time.

    This would put it ALL on the gamer - click through to Character Deletion, Confirm character deletion with password input, timer starts while character "parks" or "naps" for one day to make sure the player understands what is about to happen.

    We are talking about 8-12 year olds here* and not everyone is raising a technologically savvy child at that age. At the very least a parent could check (should be anyways) the childs account and determine whether this is what they child really wants.

    I can see, "Mommy those people said I was ugly so I just want her gone!"

    or "Mommy I can't make it do what I want it to, I'm just too stupid to make it work!"

    The parent might just want to discuss and help the child through these things rather than just run away from problems by deleting them not really understanding what they are throwing away.

    Ack, I rant on... time for a break ;-D

    *I KNOW older children and some adults play this that might just not have a problem here. My friends and family have very young children and this is MY interest base in the matter.

  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon

    Also, you'll get aids


    super aids

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