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Lineage 2: New Items in Gracia Final

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

The team from NCsoft has provided us with this developer journal discussing the new items, weapons, armor, capes and cloaks available with Gracia Final.

The new Lineage II expansion, Gracia Final has introduced players to a myriad of new items, including weapons and armor, which have never been seen in the lands of Aden. Players can also enjoy other fantastic additions, such as Cloaks, Sigils, and Attribute Crystals, if they are willing to lend themselves to the new fight for good in the Seeds of Destruction and Infinity.
Brave warriors who conquer raid bosses deep within the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity may find themselves owners of brand new Vesper armor. These pieces have been added as the new S84 armor grade. Vesper can also be upgraded to Vesper Noble armor by venturing back to the seeds where Vesper Noble Enhance Stones can be earned. As the path to this reward is paved with danger and uncertainty, only the most stalwart will survive in their quest to obtain this illustrious armor.

Read New Items in Gracia Final

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • djji2djji2 SofiaPosts: 21Member

    yep LA maniacs know it long before (years), when NCSoft announced all this items and Gracia final (GRACIA MAP :) new stuff ideas and ect.) thanks to author and but ....


    why in lineage2 all new stuff, lands, monsters, bosses, quests just all new things in game announced so long, developed so so long, finally all final releases of any version is bugged and half-ended, new items are impossible to collect, 100% recipes still myth, and new skills or monsters half work - or this game "half-work-made" and not important for NCSoft or this mystery keep us players in LA2 many years playing it and waiting all this half-working-new "UPDATES"

    btw: in most other games, updates, expansions, new ideas, new versions, just all new stuff "come" many times on easiest ways that here in this mmorpg Lineage2.

    bb gg gl hf @ all lineagers


  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLPosts: 3,154Member Uncommon

    What do elemental attributes do?

    Can only high levels wear cloaks?

    What's new about the items?

    This article didn't really tell me anything about the items in Gracia Final.

  • VittoriosoVittorioso SantiagoPosts: 32Member Uncommon

     In official page you can find answers for your questions, for me , the best thing is the cloaks, yep I think just high lvls can use it, but anyway are great. 

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