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JurzuJurzu Lancaster, PAPosts: 16Member

 The game is up and running. I only see some problems though. Lag, and LAG. Oh did I mention theres no back button? And also, if you refresh your page during a battle, you automatically lose. Thats what cost me 1 lost. Anyway, the game isn't so bad. To me it looks like its got a lot of potential and it could actually run as the next big browser game. The game is new so the clan feature is not working at the moment and trying to add someone as an ALLY is nearly impossible due to the lag. 


If I were anyone else trying out this game, I would seriously keep playing. I'm laying a layer of trust on the makers to vastly improve the game for the better. First, removing that large amount of lag would keep many players playing. Other than that, the game is very unique in its gameplay. The graphics are very nice and the level/stat/skill system works pretty well together. If anyone is wondering, I do plan to create a clan in the nearby future. Any comments? 

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