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Silkroad Online: Unique Monsters, Part One

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Silkroad Online Correspondent Nikole Hines writes this look at Unique Monsters in the game.

A major part of Silkroad Online is killing unique monsters. Uniques are large sized monsters that spawn in each area on a regular time schedule. They are larger than normal monsters and will show up as a purple dot on your radar gauge when you are within distance. Uniques often have enhanced attacks and defenses and all of them, with the exception of BeakYung The White Viper and her mini-uniques, will spawn masses of regular, champion, elite and giant class minions to protect them as their hit points decrease. Generally they spawn at regular intervals, when the Unique's life is 80%, 60% and 20%. If the Unique's death is very quick, spawns can be skipped.

Read Unique Monsters, Part One

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • RamenThief7RamenThief7 West Fargo, NDPosts: 362Member

    That's all fine and dandy, but here's a little problem. Even though this game is F2P, THE SERVERS ARE ALL 24/7 FULL BECAUSE OF RAMPANT ILLEGAL BOTS THAT RUN AROUND THE GAME!!! Once again, this shows that this game has powerful potential, but the illegal bots running around that game makes this game feel more P2P than F2P. I should be able to go on that game whenever I want (considering the servers aren't crowded by legits), yet the bots crowding the servers forces anyone who wishes to play to either fork over money to buy a premium or spend hours just trying log in.

    The situation is embarrassing, and Joymax does nothing to solve the problem. If anyone here wishes to know more about the bot situation, and how the fanbase is fighting back, look up my thread on the Silkroad Online forum section on this website. You may also be interested in how Silkroad Online can spell disaster for your F2P games that you all play. Once again, look up the thread I created...

  • mKaarumKaaru HellevoetsluisPosts: 13Member

    nightbloom should stop writing these dire articles about a dire game.. she and fly are without a job and just play silkroad 24/7 on their self proclaimed legit server of venus.

    why doesnt she start to write a truthfull article concerning the bots in the game, lack of customer service, flawed game mechanics and how the game requires you to buy item mall products at a later stage of the game to make more enjoyable rather then being a mindless grind..


    oh yeah, these unique monsters that spawn? except for the lv105 new unique of Medusa, the others are camped by Turkish no life players 24/7 so once they spawn they'll get killed within 5 minutes time..


    nightbloom, seek a real life woman ;p silkroad isn't anything

  • striker09dxstriker09dx overhereplz, ALPosts: 197Member

    seriously a free game where there are not enough slots on the server? they kick you freebie to let "premiums" play.. this isnt f2p.


    its like giving away free coffee. but the cup rental is $10.

  • hootsmomhootsmom Wilmington, DEPosts: 19Member

    Very nice guide nightbloom. As you mention, bad form takes over though ....

    Reality is that since there is no level cap on who can kill a Unique, some high level chars ruin the whole experience for the players who grind in those areas they spawn. And that folks, is the issue - you would be happily grinding away on your mobs when boom, UNIQUE SPAWNS!!! ... all heck breaks loose and you fight or run or die, or any variation LOL

    Used to be, correct me if i am wrong, numerous players would pm you, when you killed one. (Because you were at or near the Unique's level and deserved some recognition.) But now, it's like so-and-so killed let's say TG many times now? oh about 25 - going for some server record. What level is so-and-so? oh yeah ... level 75 whoopee.

    Pretty much made it some bizarre side quest to rack up the most Unique kills, regardless of their level. All for what? SOX drops that are irrepairable > some prize right there ....

    Nice guide, once again. 

    Nice feature JM included.

    (Even if players buy item mall stuff, at least it is not mandatory.)

     Not nice how it is ruined by morons.



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