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game info?

hopdoghopdog hilmar, CAPosts: 110Member

logged on and got myself to lvl 5 not a big problem but messing around i decided to use a respec, I didnt like what  i changed so i tried to respec again but couldent.  I tried looking for "any" solid game info there "help" feature dosnt really help all that much any digital guides or pdf instruction books?


I might of missed somthing due to how late it is for me :p any help would be most helpfull.


Thanks in advance <(^^)>



  • hopdoghopdog hilmar, CAPosts: 110Member

    any help? game faqs? anything solid... the ingame help leave's more then a bit lacking and the same with there main web.

  • BrokenAppleBrokenApple Spring, TXPosts: 11Member

    As far as I can tell there is no solid guide like your looking for, pretty much just touch and go with the stuff they provide on site/ingame. But i'm sure some of your question could be answered by different players :)

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